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Sole Society

May 19, 2014

Confession: When we’re sitting in front of our screens and a case of writers block starts coming on, we often turn to a little online shoe shopping as a distraction. All we need is a few minutes to browse the selection, click ‘add to cart,’ and then voila! the creative juices start flowing again. Don’t know what it is about shoe shopping ladies, but it totally has that therapeutic effect. Don’t you agree?

And since it’s Monday and all (boo), we figured lots of you could use a little distraction right about now, in the form of our favorite footwear and accessory picks from Sole Society. Let’s take a quick look now, shall we?

Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake Ceci / Paulinna / Denver / Sheeba

Soooo many adorable options! And amazing news for all you brides and bridesmaids out there… If you’re looking for that perfect pair of wedding shoes, you can now go straight to Sole Society’s Wedding Shop section of their site, where they have a curated collection of aisle style must-haves for every type of wedding.

Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake

Our pick of the day: the Sheeba. Cute!

Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake

How about those accessories? Gorgeous, huh?

Sole Society | 100 Layer Cake

So go ahead, browse through all the goodies, and make your picks. A little online shopping is sooo necessary on a Monday in our opinion!