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Industry West

November 29, 2012

We’ve been chatting a lot about holiday parties – how to decorate, what to wear, what to serve, but you can’t forget about the other necessities. If you’re playing host this year you’ll need to make sure you have some seating for guests and a mini bar (preferably two if it’s a big shindig). Our recommendation, Industry West. They were founded in 2009 out of a need for better designed products with realistic prices. Their catalog consists both of industrial and modern recreations and original designs. Best part, new designs arrive monthly with emphasis on quality raw materials such as steel, wood, and concrete. Take a peek!

industry west retro furniture

You’ve probably seen their goods in tons of homes, restaurants, hotels, schools and businesses, right? Some of their larger clients include Google, Facebook, Starbucks, and Whole Food Markets. The beauty of it though, is you can get in on it too. They keep their warehouse stocked at all times and have made the commitment to manufacture top quality furniture but keep the cost truly within reach by selling directly to the consumer.

One of Industry West’s main commitments from day one was to keep philanthropy at the core of our identity. They believe in generosity and the need to help make the world a better place. They have been involved in donating furniture to various educational institutions and art communities. Current projects include refurnishing the Harlem Community Kitchen for the Food Bank for New York City and Project Ruth, a charity organization that is committed to helping impoverished children in Bucharest, Romania.

Industry West is about design for the people, and mobilizing people to help the world around them. Check out the rest of their colorful collection here!

the nook photo via photobucket / Flandeds chair / the bar photo via Country Living  / Four square table / the stool image via House & Home UK / Low back stool