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Modern holiday mantel ideas

November 27, 2012

The mantel makes such a statement this time of year, don’t you think? Those of us without fireplaces are very jealous of those who have them, that’s for sure. We had a fun time dressing up Jillian’s mantel with pretty golds and pinks. Again with the help of Danielle from Brown Paper Design and Erin Hearts Court, of course.

modern holiday mantel ideas

Isn’t that wreath spectacular? Danielle made it using a wreath frame and found branches from her neighborhood magnolia trees. She spray painted the green side of each leaf with gold and then assembled it using wire. And she claims it’s really not as complicated as it looks. Amazing!

gold magnolia leaf wreath

Jillian created the garland for the mantel using styrofoam balls she spray painted with copper, gold, and silver. She strung them using a needle and heavy string and then hung them from teeny nails hidden behind the drop of her mantel.

gold magnolia leaf wreath modern holiday mantel ideas

Cute party shoes, no? Clearly the fashion at a party like this would be bold and sparkly.

modern holiday mantel ideas modern holiday mantel ideas modern holiday mantel ideas

Love the illustrated ornaments for an easy little project to dress up any part of your house this time of year. Jillian drew them and guess what? You totally can too!

We’ll be sharing a tutorial for the little glitter votives later in the week. Yay.

holiday cocktails

See, you grab a champagne cocktail from the Bubbly Bar and then make your way over to the fireplace and warm yourself in from of faux bois logs! It’s so perfectly modern.

modern holiday mantel ideas sequence polka dot top

Love Amanda’s sequin polka dot top? It’s from J. Crew and you can have your own if you grab one while they’re still in stock.

aluminum christmas tree

And a vintage aluminum Christmas tree, natch! Someone snapped it up out of the Pop-Up Shop already. Lucky gal, cause it’s a cute one! We dressed it in vintage ornaments from Kristina’s grandma’s collection. There’s something so wonderful about vintage Christmas, isn’t there?

aluminum christmas tree holiday gift wrap

More coming on the holiday front later today and this week. Sooo much good inspiration this time of year!