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Sharing photos with Capsule

September 17, 2012

It is about time for someone like Capsule to come along! A little secret – we tested this app out ourselves at Amanda’s tiki bridal shower. So much fun! We’re always ready to snap pics with our smartphones everywhere we go, and knew a lot of the ladies were going to do the same to remember all the bits + pieces from Amanda’s memorable day. CapsuleCam, the free app for Android and iPhone, made it so easy for us to store all the photos everyone was taking to one album. Multiple pics from multiple phones into one shared group album? Yes, please!

capsule photo sharing

A few reasons why we’re loving Capsule:

* It gets all guests to take photos (more photos!). Moments the couple may have missed or pretty details they’ll love to look back at.
* There are so many places to store all the photos on our phone, right? And there’s nothing that instantly aggregates them all. Capsule does just that. It collects all the photos from one event for everyone to re-live.
* Capsule has life-time hosting in a private space. That’s huge! No lost photos, and you can peek at the albums whenever you want to see how many photos were taken of you.

So how does it work?

1. You pass out a join code. It can be a great idea to add this to your invitations and give your guests a heads up to download the free app so they’re ready when the big day comes. (If it’s a huge public event, you can even tweet out the join code in a #hashtag).

2. Guests, friends family snap away.

3. The instagram feature makes this process incredibly seamless. Guests take photos with instagram and hashtag with Capsule’s unique 5 digit ‘join code. There’s no uploading required, just instant aggregation. Easy peasy!

Capsule really is perfect for the next event you have, whether it be your wedding, bachelor/bachelorette party, reunion, bday bash, or a family trip.

Head over to Capsule now to watch the video, and see how other people are using it!