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July 26, 2012
rustic barn ceremony

Jeremy and Erin Hohengarten are the adorable & talented husband and wife team behind Still Music Photography. They’re based out of Santa Cruz, California so you know they’re down to earth, good people. They’re also super helpful photographers with some great and not so great experiences that were rad enough to share some major tips you can take with you when working with your photographer(s). They’ll take it from here…

rustic barn ceremony

Tip #1: If you’re down, your photographer is down!

If you have some wild ideas or feel like taking a spur of the moment mid-wedding day adventure, do it (we’ll help)! Need a break or some private moments with just the two of you? We can be the ones to steal you away for some make-out time (muah!). We once had a couple go out on a lake in a paddle boat with us just to take a breather and some great photos. We’ve taken dips in the Pacific Ocean with our clients, and we’ll continue to be down with you.

But, if you’re not down, let your photographer know – they might think their creative idea would be fun, and you might think it’d be stressful. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings by saying ‘no thanks.’

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Tip #2: Make a timeline!

They’re a huge help in providing the necessary foundation to moving your day along as seamlessly as possible. Plus, it’s good for everyone to see how your day will play out on paper. We’ve had a lot of experience with disorganized and stressful weddings, and also have a lot of experience with well-planned and easy-flowing wedding days, so we’ll work with you to plan it all out.

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Tip #3: Ask your photographer how you look!

In a way, you’re paying your photographer to make you feel amazing, yes? So if the stress of your day is making you feel anything less, and you need some encouragement, ask your photographer. Just watch us, we know how to pile on the praise!! It’s your day to feel like supermodel. Strike all those poses you’ve been practicing in front of your mirror, we’ll snap it!

still music photography

One of our favorite wedding of theirs (a super DIY country wedding) is about to come up on the blog later today, so make sure to check back. In the meantime, head over to Still Music’s site and snoop around a bit!