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Blurb wedding books

July 9, 2012

Let’s talk wedding albums. You must have one (or two, whatever). You know those commercials that always tease at how most of us keep photos on our digital cameras? Well, when it comes to weddings, don’t keep your amazing photos (that you paid good money for) sit pretty on discs. It’s a tragedy, really. That’s why there are people like Blurb that make it easy for you. Blurb is a publishing platform that enables anyone to create truly beautiful, one-of-a-kind, books. They make it easy to design, publish, promote, share, and even sell your book.

blurb wedding books blurb wedding books blurb wedding books

Blurb is easy to use, highly affordable, and has tools for every skill level, from beginning bookmakers to experienced design professionals, and no matter what tool you use, your book will look professional on their gorgeous paper and linen hardcover.

We love the idea of creating a mini book to gift your bridesmaids & groomsmen. All those funny moments you had together while getting ready, a few bachelor/bachelorette photos, and of course the ones with tears. Grandparents, parents… honestly, everyone – after your wedding they’re all going to want to relive it through your photos, so make one book or many. With their print-on-demand, once you place your order, you’ll have your book in your hands in about 7 days!

Click over to Blurb now to see all the different ideas for wedding books you can make!