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Traveler’s Joy

January 30, 2012

Truth is, your family and friends would rather pitch in and buy you a gift that goes towards your honeymoon: a night’s stay in Bora Bora, a Vespa ride in Italy, or a camera to capture all your sweet lovey moments in Belgium. They’re gifts that mean something and don’t just take up space on your kitchen counter (yes, a blender is nice too). That’s why we’re smitten over Traveler’s Joy. It’s the best of both worlds: your guests can easily give you a special wedding gift and you receive what you really want – the honeymoon of your dreams.

Traveler’s Joy has become popular among couples registering for ‘physical items’ related to their honeymoon. Travel guidebooks, camera, video-cameras, luggage, snorkeling gear – really, anything you can dream of. Their registry system makes it easy to divide those high-ticket items into manageable gifts so a camera that may cost $500 is actually spit up into 4 gift of $125. Oh, the possibilities…

Get a glimpse into some of the locations and items couples are registering for on Traveler’s Joy Real Member Stories page. It’s the best way to get you brainstorming honeymoon ideas. Then start making your registry!

Check ’em out! travelersjoy.com