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Dear ESB: Can I get married in my sister’s dress?

January 13, 2012

Oh hello, East Side Bride! We’ve missed you! We’re thrilled to have her back with a question about “THE DRESS”.

Dear ESB,

What are you thoughts on wearing my sister’s wedding dress to my wedding?

I absolutely love hers, and it fits perfectly. My mom wore her sister’s (mainly because she was broke as a joke), and I like that slight tradition, but will people think, “wtf?” or “her sister looked better”?


Do you look like your sister?

Even if the dress is really great — ESPECIALLY IF THE DRESS IS REALLY GREAT — I’m afraid everyone will get weird flashbacks to her wedding in the middle of yours, which, you don’t want that, do you??

Photo by September Pictures. (The amazeballs ruff dress was found at a vintage trunk show, then altered.)