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Capri, Italy elopement: Lauren + Trey

November 4, 2011

Wow, we’ve been taking you all over Italy these past couple weeks, haven’t we? But, if you’re like us, you’re far from getting tired of daydreaming of its quaint tiny towns, romance and good eats. To wrap up the week, and our tour around Italy (thanks Amanda!), we’re sharing Lauren + Trey’s endearing elopement. The Cana Family not only photographed their sweet day, they also filmed one of the most emotional videos we’ve ever seen. Behold! And, get a tissue ready…

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Repeatedly, I told Trey that all I cared about were the pictures and video. Repeatedly. The second I saw a preview of one of Cana’s videos, I contacted them. Actually, I don’t even think I watched the entire preview before I told a friend that I knew who was going to video and photograph our elopement. First off, their work is so elegant, romantic, and beautifully surreal. You kind of want to jump in the video and participate. Secondly, they are real. When we came home and played the video at our celebration, we wanted people to feel like they were there. Cana accomplished that perfectly. We look nervous, happy, emotional, relaxed and most importantly in love. So now, two months of blissful marriage later, we are so happy with our decision to elope.  It is 2011!  Elopement does not mean meeting on your lunch break at the local courthouse. You can have it all!  I still had an amazing dress, amazing intimate moments with my groom, and most of all amazing pictures and an amazing video to always remember it all by.

Simply magical. Congratulations Lauren + Trey!

Photography + video: The Cana Family / Location: Monte Solaro (the highest point on the island of Capri, Italy accessible only by chair lift!) / Bride’s dress: Lela Rose, “The Balcony” / Earrings: Maria Elena / Bouquet: made by Bride with flowers from a local shop