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Rad and In Love: A wedding photography giveaway

October 5, 2011

We have the most spectacular giveaway today, you guys. It’s strictly for those of you still on the hunt for the perfect photographer for your wedding. Sound familar? We’re hoping we can solve your dilemma!

Jamie, a friend and very talented lifestyle photographer, and Michelle, a real pro who shoots weddings here and there, have come together to bring their rad indie feel to weddings. You’ll recognize Michelle’s work from Neel + Lucia’s beautiful, bohemian central coast wedding that we featured in August. Such a pretty one! If that’s the sort of style you’re going for, read on.

Jamie (of A Desert Fete) and Michelle (of Michelle Pullman Photography) want to photograph your wedding. For free.

Here’s the story:

A few years ago Jamie planned and designed her own wedding (and blogged about it, of course). Michelle photographed it.

Since then, Michelle has continued to work extensively as a professional photographer, while shooting weddings exclusively through word of mouth (thanks mostly to Jamie’s blogging habit). Jamie has started designing wedding invites, continued blogging, and wiling her weekends away by documenting life with her several cameras.

Recently while daydreaming together in a sunny park, they realized a few things:
1. They love weddings.
2. They love photography.
3. They love each other, and make an awesome team.

Now they want to shoot your wedding. Together. For free.

For real, no strings.

Jamie and Michelle are looking for an amazing wedding to set the tone for their work as a wedding photography team, and are holding a contest to find it. A couple will be chosen whose wedding style best jives with Jamie and Michelle’s photography style.

Want to see more?
-Michelle’s previous wedding work here.
-Her professional portfolio here.
-A bit of Jamie’s lifestyle photography here.

What would be covered:
-Both photographers for 8 hours of coverage.
-A disk of your digital images.
-A disk of low resolution scans of your film images. (Yes. We will be shooting part of the wedding in film. Yes. We are paying for it.)

What is not covered:
-Travel costs (if outside of the Los Angeles or San Diego area. Email us to discuss travel costs to other locations).
-Prints, enlargements, or an album (available for purchase, of course).

What we are asking of you:
-Be rad and in love and give us something lovely to shoot.
-Be stoked about our work.
-Be getting married* in the early half(ish) of 2012. Or heck, the end of 2011, if you still don’t have a photographer lined up! (*union need not be recognized by state; we don’t discriminate!)

Interested? Send an email with the following information (be creative!):
-Who you are (a photo of you two would be peachy!).
-When you are getting married.
-Where you are getting married (city and venue)
-Some details about your wedding and the inspiration helping to set the tone of it (images would be very helpful!)

Submissions must be made no later than Wednesday October 19th, Midnite (PST).

Awesome, right? We think this team is gonna rock.

Questions and submissions can be made to “radandinlove {at} gmail {dot} com”.

Now, get cracking!