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NYC caterer Michael Stuart NY

August 8, 2011

Want to rock your tastebud’s world with nom-able food that’s 90% organic? Cakelets, we feel you — food is one of the most time consuming tasks to cross off your wedding to-do list. Want one of our recommendations? Michael Stuart NY.

They’re a boutique catering company (not some large company where you’re forgetting who you’ve spoken with), which means they keep things personal. They don’t pass events off to any number of associates. They’ve got a small, talented staff that handles each and every request, proposal, execution, and really treats you like family. Yay!

NYC cater MIchael Stuart NYC cater MIchael Stuart

A few stand-out points, stated by the company themselves that has us wanting to high-five them next time we see them:

We believe it is EXTREMELY important to support local farmers. These small family businesses give their crops and livestock personal care – and you can taste the difference. The crops are grown without pesticides and the animals are raised in an environment where quality of life is of the utmost importance.  No antibiotics. No cages. No mistreatment. No factory farms.

We believe that our responsibilities far exceed the task of providing delicious, wholesome food (although we take that quite seriously). In additional to buying local, organic produce and using biodegradable disposable goods, we donate all leftover food (with the client’s permission) to the NYC rescue mission.

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