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An elegant, urban, food truck wedding in Brooklyn: Amy + Michael

July 6, 2011

This wedding has DIY goodies that were literally planned a year in advance (take some tips, Cakelets!), and we’re so excited to share them with you! Amy + Michael have an immense respect for art, seek out great design and know how to throw a party in style. Thank goodness Oak Street Studio was there to capture it all!

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Vintage Brooklyn Wedding Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Can’t go wrong with a clean and modern graphic as your logo and applying it to a large flag, some Busy Beaver buttons, and anywhere else you can think of!

And, one of our new favorite parts of featuring such fantastic weddings – the music! As their recessional song Amy + Michael transitioned from the ceremony to their reception by walking to Lovely Day by Bill Withers (such a good song!).

Listen to it here:

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Each flower you see in this wedding was home grown – as in, literally planted by both families in the fall and harvested the week of the wedding (500 tulip bulbs to be exact). Dedication? Oh, yes. Worth the pay off? Did you see how huge those tulips came out? Now get planting! This is a big time moola saver.

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

What do you do when you’re trying to keep your wallet happy in the catering department? Bring on the food trucks! They’ve got to be in almost every city by now, come in all flavors and as Amy discovered, provide great food and a really fun experience for guests. Upon reflection this turned out to be the perfect solution than having to succumb to the cost of rentals and food.

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

Here’s another great DIY project to ponder over. Those spectacular wood slices used as cupcake stands came from a dead tree that their parents had cut down from their yard last year. You can’t find beauties like these at a store, and if you do they’re most likely going to cost you a healthy chunk of change. Amy + Michael asked their parents to have the tree removal company cut the trunk into 2”- 4” slices so that they could use them for interior décor and table displays. They spent their weekends drying out, sanding and oiling the slices for their wedding. Their patience and creativity totally paid off!

Vintage Brooklyn Wedding

From Amy, “The building itself is exceptional, so we tried to simply accentuate what was already there and make sure that it felt like a wedding that represented our tastes. We really wanted it to feel Brooklyn, but also festive. We wanted to give our family and friends a great party to remember, and all the choices we made were really about what created a fun environment for them”.

Congrats Amy + Michael!

Photography: Oak Street Studio / Venue: The Green Building (NYC) / Food Trucks: Schnitzel & Things, Country Boys, Rickshaw Dumplings / Appetizers: Sahadi’s / Dessert: Billy’s Bakery / Rentals: Broadway Party Rentals / Staff: Parties N’ All / Flowers: All home grown / Flag: Handmade / Pins: Busy Beaver Button Co. / Bouquet: Sprout Home / Dress: J.Crew / Shoes: Kate Spade / Suit: AllSaints Spitalfields / Groom’s shoes: Opening Ceremony / Hair & Makeup: The Parlour Brooklyn / DJ: James Mulry

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