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Dear ESB: Can you teach a girl to accessorize without looking like a third grader?

June 14, 2011

You find the perfect dress, but then how do you pull your whole look together? Love East Side Bride‘s take on this simple ensemble for a chuch to farm wedding.

how to accessorize my wedding dress

Dear ESB,

I’m wearing this Elizabeth Dye dress to my wedding in July.

My fiance and I are getting married in a church, then having a party on our farm. (Not one of those picturesque “farm” weddings — think muddy throw down in the field next to the cow pasture.)

Here’s where I’m stumped. I need:

1. A rad pair of heels to wear to the ceremony.
2. Flats or a wedge of some sort to wear on the farm.
3. Something to put on my head? I’ve got a short bob and blunt bangs, so limited options for doing my hair all fancy. Headband? Crazy hat?
4. Jewelry? Again, at a total loss.
5. Maybe some kind of coverup, jacket, shrug, etc. in case it gets cold?

Any ideas? Or please throw me to the mercy of your readers, whose suggestions I very much admire.

If left to my own devices, I tend toward one of two extremes: a Gap model or a third grader who went a little crazy in the dress-up trunk.
Help a girl out.


There’s no point in buying a pair of heels just to totter down the aisle like a third grader. I’m assuming you don’t usually wear heels?

Instead, invest your money in a great pair of flat(ish) shoes and a really great pair of earrings you’ll wear over and over and over.

I’ve been into these tomato Marais sandals ever since I saw the photos from Brittany and Austin’s park wedding.

Take courage from Brittany and keep your hair and accessories simple. These gold hoops from Bittersweets New York are big but super delicate, and they’ll be terrific with your bob.

Oop! And in case you get chilly, keep this J. Crew cardigan on hand.*

Elizabeth Dye Photo: Lisa Warninger.

*I’m about to catch HOLY HELL from my readers for recommending J. Crew, but, after all, aren’t cardigans
what J. Crew does best?

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