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Vendor spotlight: Emily Takes Photos

June 7, 2011

When we contacted Emily about her spotlight we were overly delighted with the information she wanted to share with all of you. If you’re at that stage in your planning when you’re questioning what to look for in a photographer, read on! Emily has compiled valuable tips to help set you on the right path.

Your photographer can help you “escape.”
You see, your photographer holds a great deal of power, specifically the power to steal you away from the party to take photos without being stalled by guests who are ready with big hugs and congratulatory kisses. If you or your partner start to feel overwhelmed and need a minute to yourselves, ask your photographer to take you somewhere private “for portraits”, and then enjoy your moment of quiet.

Emily Takes Photos

Find a photographer whose work you already like.
If you like a particular style or aesthetic, try to find a photographer who reflects that style. Don’t hire a photographer if they don’t produce images that you like. Asking a photographer to copy another style is asking them to not do their best work, which may result in disappointing photos.

Emily Takes Photos

Shop within your budget.
There are so many photographers out there; you’re bound to find someone who fits your budget (and whose work you like). A lot of photographers choose not to include pricing information on their websites, which can make your search that much harder, but if they do, and they’re out of your price range, it’s best to move on. Sure, most photographers have some flexibility with their pricing, but if a photographer says their packages start at $5000, and your budget is $2000, chances are they won’t be able to accommodate you, and you’ll just set yourself up for disappointment.

Make sure you like your photographer, not just their work.
Unlike other vendors at your wedding, chances are you’re going to spend all day with your photographer, so you’d better like hanging out with them! Once you find a photographer who fits your budget and aesthetic requirements, make sure you get a chance to meet them, preferably in person, but talking over the phone or a video chat will work as well. Ideally, your photographer should be someone who you’d want to invite to your wedding anyway and who will make your wedding experience better just by being there.

When you interview your photographer, ask the questions you care about.
Obviously you want to ask logistical questions regarding contracts, backup plans, etc, but other questions like “what kind of camera do you use” are completely useless. Chances are, if you’re interviewing a photographer for your wedding, you’ve probably already seen their portfolio and are pleased with their work, so it shouldn’t matter what equipment was used. If a question seems odd to you, ask yourself “would I ask this question (or a similar one) to another vendor?” As in, would you ask your caterer what kind of oven they use? I’m guessing, no.

Emily Takes Photos

Thanks so much for sharing Emily – you’ve now officially armed our brides-to-be with everything they need to go out and snag their perfect photographer! FYI, Emily is up for grabs too! Check out her site and book an appointment to ask her a few of the questions above!

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