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Vendor spotlight: Les Loups pictures + songs

May 17, 2011
Les Loups pictures + songs is collaboration between the lady Ro (the photographer) and her hubby Kenan (the DJ). Their words are the best representation of who they are as artists, so we’ll let them tell you about their work:

“A wedding is a celebration of love, a day filled with joy and magic. It is our intention to help create and capture a collection of moments that embody the whimsical and personal nature of your wedding day.”

winter nyc wedding

“As a DJ, Kenan works closely with clients to create a soundtrack that reflects who they are, and what the day means to them. I have been working as a documentary and portrait photographer for over 10 years. My goal is to capture people’s natural interactions, and to create a timeless visual narrative. I love documenting all aspects of the wedding day, from the sweet and subtle nuances, to the most dramatic moments.”

winter nyc wedding

Isn’t that perfect? A soundtrack to go along with visual documentation of your wedding day! And their photos are simply gorgeous. Love this New Year’s Eve wedding we found on their blog. Where you can also find songs and playlists compiled by Kenan.

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