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Dear ESB: So the fiance wants to wear a tux

May 17, 2011

Poor grooms. They get totally left out of the wedding fun so often, don’t they? But East Side Bride doesn’t forget about them. She always has their best interests in mind.

Paul Newman in a tux

So the fiance wants to wear a tux… And I have nothing against tuxes per se… but I totally do.

We’re doing an outdoor ceremony and laid-back reception in September, not some stuffy, puffed-up reception at the Grand Prospect Hall. He’s telling all his groomsmen to wear black suits. And he wants to wear a tux. I thought this would be a perfect time for him to get a really nice, tailored suit from someplace that’s not the Men’s Wearhouse, but apparently, dude does not care about custom-made garments as much as I do.

So two things: (a) How do I convince him not to wear a tux by not just saying, dude, don’t wear a tux and (b) Do you happen to know an awesome/not too expensive tailor around the Brooklyn area where dude can get a suit made for a wedding that’s six months away?


If the man wants to wear a tux, LET HIM WEAR A TUX.

A really nice, well-tailored tux from someplace that’s not the Men’s Wearhouse.

Indochino makes relatively inexpensive custom tuxedos that you can order online. (Sounds scary, I know, but here’s one glowing review.)

Or go the vintage route. My sources recommend Star Struck Vintage on Greenwich Ave. Also try What Goes Around Comes Around, Ina Men + The Family Jewels.

Image via the impossible cool.

(Editor’s note: There’s nothing like a photo of young Paul Newman to make you want to see your man in a tux every day. Rrrrrr. )