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Royal Wedding Week: homemade shortbread favors

April 25, 2011

We thought we’d start Royal Wedding week off with a yummy idea for favors fit for an English wedding. Buttery delicious shortbread, of course!

The excellent thing about shortbread is that it keeps for a really long time when stored in an air tight container. And it’s extraordinarily simple to make. So you could potentially make enough for your whole wedding a few weeks or even a month ahead of time, and then package it up the day before. Or skip the packaging and leave a few platters and a stack of cute bags next to the door for people to grab on the way out.

We made our own bags by stitching unbleached parchment paper together, and trimming the edge with pinking shears. We’re definitely not suggesting that you need to hand stitch your own favor bags! But it’s actually really easy if you’re up for some extra DIY and/or are having a small wedding.

Parchment turned out to be a good material for stashing shortbread because it doesn’t soak up the butter from the crumbs. BUT it is not reliable when it comes to things sticking to it. Like the stickers we made. Just an FYI for anyone who might consider doing this. It might be better to finish them by stitching each bag closed with a paper tag for your note.

We designed a quick circular sticker in illustrator and printed them on full sheets of label paper. Then punched each sticker out using a 2″ circle punch. (Same idea as our date favors from ages ago.) We added a little ribbon twist under the sticker for a fun bit of color.

Wouldn’t these be cute in a shallow wooden crate, all lined up together with different ribbons? Perfect midnight snack after a night of dancing! Kristina posted the shortbread recipe on her personal blog this morn too, for those of you in the mood for a little baking.

Lots more Royal Wedding posts coming this week!