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Recycle/Reuse: DIY drawer knob place cards

April 20, 2011

In honor of earth week, we thought we’d show a cute project Jillian came up with using vintage/recycled cupboard drawer knobs. Reusing something for a different purpose than it was intended is always earth friendly!

When you’re pondering creative projects a trip to the flea market to can be super inspiring. Jillian spotted these glass knobs at the Brooklyn Flea and was instantly taken with them because they come with a hole in the center. Perfect for acting as a little stand for place cards or signs around your reception!

This project is super super easy. You will need:

Vintage glass or other drawer knobs (or anything you’d like to use as a stand)
Small wooden dowels to fit the hole in the center of the each knob

Jillian made a quick flag template in illustrator and printed it out. She gave each flag a brush of color and then cut them out. Next she cut the dowel into 4 inch pieces, then glued the wide end of each flag to one end of the dowel and stuck the other end into the knob.

If you find drawer knobs you like, remember that you can always haggle a bit for a deal when buying in bulk. If you don’t have a flea market close to you (or an architectural salvage shop), try Etsy and Ebay. Just remember that the knobs need to have a hole for the screw that goes all the way through. And of course there are all sorts of cute knobs out there made from materials other than glass.

Two bonuses: 1) you can purchase the knobs Jillian used for her project in our Marketplace right this moment! and 2) you can download Jillian’s little flag template right here.