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Rehearsal Dinner style with ESB

April 5, 2011

We love having East Side Bride pop over every few weeks with her totally candid advice for brides-to-be, but she has such a great fashion sense, we thought we’d have her over for some purely style-focused posts too. Bueno, right?

Here she goes with her take on rehearsal dinner dresses for many different sorts of brides.

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I’ve gotten a bunch of requests for rehearsal dinner dresses recently (WEDDING SEASON IS UPON US), so I figured I’d knock em all out in one big roundup.

For the bride who’s been “flip-flopping between ‘fun’ and prim – and can’t seem to find a balance,” the Rachel Comey Flippant Dress (via NOTCOUTURE) or the Madewell Floral Croquet Dress.

For the bride whose rehearsal dinner is doubling as a tea ceremony for her fiancé’s Chinese-Vietnamese family, Diane von Furstenberg’s New Julian Wrap Dress or Deianira Faux Wrap Dress.

(This was a tough one. The bride explained that ideally she’d wear a red cheongsam, but the sizes carried by the shops in her local Chinatown are too small for her. If only I could track down one of these Phillip Lims!)

For the bride who requested “A red carpet dress, A sequined, metallic New Year’s Eve number that will make me feel fabulous!” the Vince Cluster Sequin Silk Dress or the Halson Heritage Pleated Lamé Mini Dress.

And for the almost-too-cool-to-be-bothered bride, I’m a big fan of the ASOS WHITE Cupro Oversized Dress (via one of my fab readers).

A little piece of advice for all the brides out there? Just, please, don’t wear a white dress to the rehearsal dinner. It really kills the suspense.