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Vendor spotlight: Face Time Beauty

April 4, 2011

Good Monday morning, cakelets! Today we have Face Time Beauty here, sharing tips on wedding day makeup. Which seems so handy, don’t you think? Makeup is an important part of the wedding day, considering the camera is going to be aimed at your pretty face the entire time. And since the artists at Face Time are experts, we figured they’d be particularly qualified to share some advice:

Let’s start with general tips:

1) Don’t overdo it! Choose one feature to highlight and play everything else down.
2) Keep it simple so touch ups are easy
3) Touch ups should always take off any makeup that has fallen or smudged, with a sponge – you should never have to add anything except for maybe a tiny bit of translucent powder and lipstick/gloss. If you keep this in mind – you will never have to worry about anything caking on the skin.

And then the fun part… choosing your look:

And here’s how FTB created these looks:

Boho Chic

* Perfect for the bohemian bride
* Parting hair in the middle and keeping the hair piece-y gives a 70’s vibe. We softly twisted it up in the back and added a real flower for some added color and flair.
* Using greens on her eye brought in earthy tones and a touch of gold kept everything warm
* Played her lips down with a nude hue
* Apricot cream blush to keep cheeks flushed enough for a smokey eye but natural looking


* Perfect for the sophisticated and elegant bride.
* This look shows off the shoulders, while softly framing the face. But it’s still a bit more structured than a more relaxed look.
* Red lips pop and give a bold angle.
* The eyes stay soft and shimmery with a nude hue
* Depending on the shade of red on the lips, eye liner can vary. For example, we used a blue-red on her lips so we chose a deep eggplant color to line her eyes.
* And of course lots of lashes and mascara!


* Perfect for the bride who never wears anything but chapstick and is comfortable with hair softly flowing!
* Keep hair looking bridal chic with big curls that frame the face gently. This hairstyle keeps everything very feminine and romantic.
* Evening out the skin tone is essential for this look
* The perfect foundation is key and while most people buy one color foundation, instead it is best to choose two. Our complexion is never just one color. By putting a light foundation on the areas where your skin is more fair, and a slightly deeper foundation where you are naturally darker, you keep a very natural look. (Editor’s note: Who knew?!?)
* Bronzer mixed with a little apricot or pink toned blush gives warmth and a sun kissed look without globbing on layers of foundation
* Light colored eye shadow with a little shimmer gives a touch of glamour to a natural look
* Liner is essential, and using a brown shadow liner keeps it soft

Thanks so much for sharing your tips, Linsey!

Face Time Beauty is available for weddings, events, makeup classes and photoshoots in New York, Palm Beach, and around the world.