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South Africa beach wedding: Peter + Ingrid

April 4, 2011

So excited to show off Peter & Ingrid’s sublimely gorgeous summery beach wedding, another beauty from We Love Pictures. Right away, these two knew they wanted to have a relaxed, hippie-esque wedding on the water, very easy going and fun, complete with Bob Marley music & the whole nine yards. Ingrid, an artist, also knew she had to do everything herself – from decor to music to florals – creating a completely unique and unforgettable look.

The details are just beautiful, very earthy and creative – flower garland headbands, more than 500 origami birds for place cards & decor, mixed wildflowers & exotic arrangements, and so much more.

Obvs, family & friends played a huge part in planning the day – Ingrid’s Mom even made her dress! The way she described it sounds way better than any bridal dress shopping spree we’ve heard of:

“What an unforgettable time! Randomly buying beautiful pieces of silk, net and lace, no clue how we are going to put it all together (mom is also an artist at heart!). We spent months experimenting and playing with the layers and layers of fabric, drinking a lot of coffee and wine, laughing our butts off, and in the end “ooh and aah”! It was one of the experiences I’ll treasure forever.”

Ingrid & her Mom also collected all the different flowers, fynbos, and Proteas from around the area, putting the best in their DIY bouquets, and sticking the rest in pretty glass vases at random to create these wildly beautiful centerpieces.

Each table had its own unique fabric, handpicked by Ingrid and sewn up by her grandmother.

Um, fresh baked bread from an outdoor oven on the beach? Definitely in the running for most delicious wedding food of the year.

Aren’t the origami birds just amazing next to the pretty twinkling lights? Just think – 500 of them had to be folded by hand. Incredible. They sure are beautiful, though!

You can almost feel the love radiating from the photos – such a beautiful event. Congrats, Peter & Ingrid!

Photography: We Love Pictures / Location: Strandkombuis, Yzerfontein, Western Cape