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Traveler’s Joy

March 7, 2011

Looking for the perfect addition to your registry? How ’bout a little help with your honeymoon? It seems like honeymoon registries are standard practice these days, meaning there are lots of sites to choose from, but Traveler’s Joy is definitely on top. Most importantly, they have the lowest service fee of any options out there that doesn’t advertise on your registry page and there’s absolutely no set up cost.

Traveler’s Joy allows you ask for any part of your honeymoon; from flights and hotels to snorkeling trips and couples massages. Literally anything that will make your celebratory love trip extra memorable. Your guests can give you something they personally love and Traveler’s Joy transfers the value of the gift to you via bank check or transfer. So super easy. Your guests get to feel like they’re actually giving you something other than straight up cash, but you get to use the funds for any part of the trip you like.

Check ‘em out! travelersjoy.com