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Dear ESB: I’m torn about the dress

December 1, 2010
ESB is back again, ladies. Yay. We missed her last week.

Dearest esb,

I’m torn about the dress. I was ALL over the place with what I wanted, and thought I’d land with something more offbeat than the usual long white gown, probably short-ish (my ‘maids are planning on buying me a killer pair of heels, so of course shorter would be great to show them off), possibly vintage. I never thought I’d be buying a gown from a bridal boutique. BUT I thought I’d found the one when I tried on a Marchesa sample- not what I was expecting necessarily, but STUNNING, and I fell in love. Without considering all the wedding day factors, like lots of other brides fault on too, I bought it.

This dress weighs approximately 20 pounds, and is layer upon layer of material, AKA thick as hell. It’s a total ball gown, basically, and I’m starting to freak- I’m getting married in southern California, in July, in a backyard (mind you this isn’t going to be a small picnic-y backyard wedding. It’ll be a big, not too casual party, but a backyard no less). Am I fully crazy for wearing a dress of that, er, caliber in July? I feel like it’s totally impractical. I might be sweating my ass off, and I wouldn’t call it the most mobile dress either for dancing or walking for that matter, especially on grass and around a pool. I don’t doubt I could sell it and find something amazing that’s more apt, and that I could love just as much,* if not more- but a few of my girls seem to disagree. They think “it’s MARCHESA, it’ll be worth it to make it work.” I know I have to go with what works for me because it’s my wedding, my dress, but now I feel blinded as to if selling it’s the right decision or not. My friends are making me question my judgement. HALP!


-Fellow east side bride.

*for ME, the whole dress thing being “oh it’s the ONE” is bullsh*t. I’m sure there are several dresses in this world I would love to wear on my wedding day. Perhaps I just answered my own question, but I would love your advice, and the advice of your readers. Don’t rip me apart, please. Thx.


Go try on some more dresses. Either you’ll find a new one, or you’ll realize you love the ONE you’ve got. Win-win.

(Image via Laurel Thompson via yay!everyday)