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A video save-the-date

October 18, 2010

Good Monday to you, Cakelets! This week is destination weddings week over here. Isn’t that fun?

We thought we’d start with a SUPER cute, stop motion save-the-date, which we were thinking could be great for peeps planning destination/themed weddings.

Wedding Save the Date! from Joe Fayer on Vimeo.

Joe, the groom, had always wanted to make a stop motion video and since he and Kelly were planning their wedding relatively quickly, they wanted a way to instantly send their save-the-date to guests. Meaning via email vs. the USPS.

Here’s what Kelly says about the process:

“We both found little elements that we liked around the house, (like the glitter letters, balsa wood, finger puppets), put them all down on our dining room table (which is the background that we shot it on), and loosely crafted our idea. The red string knot represented a Cambodian knot tying ceremony that we were going to be incorporating into our wedding… the ceremony is very intimate and allows for each guest to come up and tie a red string onto our wrists and give their well-wishes and/or advice. The red symbolizes good luck and the strings are worn for a ceremonial three days (although we couldn’t part with them so left them on our entire honeymoon). The two finger puppets that Joe and I bought for each other on our first date (that appear in the boat) quickly became our wedding cake toppers, something we hadn’t thought about until we were making the video. And then I re-purposed our name banner to hang on our sweetheart table.

We shot it with our still camera and then strung all the frames together in Final Cut, added music (m. ward, who we also dance our first song to…”Eyes on the Prize”) and that was it. It took us 1 day to make the video and 1 day to string it all together.”

Amazing! And so much fun to receive a little video instead of a REGULAR old save the date jpg in your email.

Thanks so much for sharing, Kelly & Joe!