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A shoe dilemma solved by ESB

October 14, 2010

You all know East Side Bride, right? Clearly. She’s pretty much the queen when it comes to indie wedding style. She’s come over today as a guest columnist with an installment of her ever-popular, v. funny, always perfectly poignant, “Dear ESB“. Yay!

Here we go:

Dear ESB,

I am having a shoe dilemma. I attached a picture for your perusal (Phillip Lim Fall 2007). I will be getting married next summer in Big Sur, most likely among the Redwoods. Our wedding will be very small and pretty casual (just my finance and I and our parents). The black sash is removable and I’ve been debating about replacing it with a vintage brown leather belt, but either way I’m still unsure about the shoes. Not sure what the best style of shoe would be for the dress length. I’m currently leaning toward a shoe in a color, but I’m open to other suggestions. Would greatly appreciate your opinion on the matter.

– J


I searched and searched for the perfect pair of chunky grey wedges. (Frankly, the teal pair that Kaz wore still has me reeling.) And then I happened upon these pointy red babies by Sigerson Morrison. Rrrrrawr.

Just beware of buying your shoes too far in advance. A pair you are totally in love with now might feel totally meh when the new shoes come out for spring.


p.s. Ditch the black sash if you go with red shoes. The color combo is much too Viva La Revolución for Big Sur.