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Guest tote: Chicago

July 21, 2010

Slowly working our way around the country… we have Chicago!

As always, please share your recommendations! We’d love these posts to be places people can visit in the future when planning their weddings and you, lovely dear helpful readers, can make them better with your faves from each city.

1. Garrett Buttery Popcorn (1 gallon for $26.00)
2. Chicago coasters ($12.50)
3. Metropolis Coffee (1lb Bag/$12.95 )
4. Berry Chill Chicago’s version of Pinkberry
5. Chicago grocery tote ($15.00)
6. You gotta have a Chicago Dog! (not in the gift bag of course but highly recommend)
7. Chicago Root Beer (24 bottles for $23.99)
8. Jays snacks a Chicago hometown favorite ($.99)
9. Frango Dark Mints (1lb box $17.00) divide up and put into tissue to get the most for your money.
10. Snow & Graham mini calendar ($14)