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Guest tote: Palm Springs

June 30, 2010

Next up in our guest tote series: Palm Springs, where the sun is always shining, the cocktails are always flowing, and you can get a great deal on gorgeous, modern furniture at the DWR Annex.

1. Vintage Palm Springs postcards for your welcome note. Find them on ebay, at flea markets, or order repros from Cafe Press.
2. Knock off Wayfarers! Or any cheap, fun sunglasses. Try Venice Beach or Santee Alley if you’re in LA.
3. DIY Martini kit for 2 (including the Advil).
4. Palm Springs Maptote
5. Lattes at Koffi (or a little gift card for the morning after the wedding)
6. Dates from Flying Disc Ranch, whose fruit you can find at farmer’s markets and by mail order.
7. And tangerines or oranges from the farmer’s market on Thursday night (if you’re in town early).
8. Passes for the Aerial Tramway
9. Sunscreen, obvs.
10. Pool towels. These Amy Butler designs from Bed Bath & Beyond are pretty cute.