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California mountain elopement

May 27, 2010
Gia Canali sent over this stunning elopement this week and because the couple is moving to Northern Canada to go goldmining this week, which means they won’t have Internet, so we wanted to get it up right away.

Jillian and Dax got married on April 10, 2010 at a bend along the Kern River, near Kernville, California. Their closest friends came to the wedding, and everybody pitched in to pull it off! In Gia’s words, this wedding “is heartening proof that couples can wed last minute and still have a (small scale!) beautiful, totally romantic and deeply meaningful tying-of-the-knot.” Well said!

Jillian made her own dress, including the pattern for it. She deconstructed a vintage dress to create a pattern for the bodice (the green part); sewed that, and then crocheted doilies madly for three weeks straight. She used over two miles of crochet yarn. Apparently they were still working on the dress the morning of the wedding (!) and Jillian had to be sewn into it, Project Runway style.

She found her heels at David’s Bridal and had them dyed, then used a pair of vintage earrings that belonged to a friend (via the friend’s grandmother) as shoe clips. Such a clever way to sass up your outfit and make it your own!

Jillian made her own bouquet with fresh pink hydrangeas, Stars of Bethlehem, and soft flowing greenery from the LA Flower Mart.

You two (three!) are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your wedding with us and we wish you all the best on your journey to Canada.

Photography: Gia Canali / Cake toppers: Goose Grease Undone