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oh, hello friend engagement pics: Danni + Nick

April 21, 2010

Hello dear friends! I’m so glad to be back on 100 layer cake with a follow up post on my engagement session – you may remember a couple of my guest posts about engagement shoot inspiration. A few weeks ago, Nick and I headed to Las Vegas, Nevada to meet up with photographers Vania & Christine from Simply Bloom. We worked really hard to get really unique and fun props for our shoot: we ended up coming up with giant 4 foot letters we found on etsy, bubbles, and vintage handkerchiefs. Here’s how the shoot turned out, I hope you enjoy it! There are also a couple tips I wanted to share after having experienced my own engagement shoot.


The location the photographers chose was a beautiful desert with these amazing mountains in the background. I really love how the letters turned out. We did paint them but nothing too bold, I am a fan of this soft yellow color so it was very us.


I happened to have these beautiful vintage handkerchiefs that I purchased from the flea market a few months back. Nick and I went to home depot to figure out how to make some makeshift poles that we could tie the handkerchiefs onto. Even though you can’t see them, it was fun little diy project for us.


This is probably my favorite shot of the day, just because it was so natural. We saw a flock of birds nearby and thought it’d be fun to get them in the background. It was such a silly sight – as we started to walk toward the birds, they slowly moved further away from us.. so we’re trying to walk through deep deep mud to get this great shot. The photographers were so open to work with us. We finally stopped nearby a group of birds and the sound of some nearby motorcycles made the whole flock fly – it was perfect! So perhaps in your session you can look for other natural elements to make for a good shot.


One thing I would remember to notice is your details, even the small ones. The first thing my mom commented in a couple of these images was that the letters were switched. Of course, we didn’t even think of it when we were shooting. While I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal, it’s interesting to hear what other people notice.

You can’t notice at all but it was started sprinkling during our shoot, then by the end it really picked up. We were freezing by the end of it. So just bring clothes for all possible weather conditions. We also didn’t think to bring any mats so our car got really muddy but it was so exciting we didn’t care too much.


Time for the bubbles! We bought a couple bubble machines from Party City, they were just toy machines. We tested them before we left so we’d know they worked when we got there.  We weren’t sure how it’d work in the rain but it went great!


I’m really happy with the shoot, it was so fun to see the results of all the planning we put into it. Just have fun with it and be yourself. Thanks for viewing our pics! Now it’s time to finish our wedding plans!

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