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Guest Blogger: Unruly Things, DIY flowers

March 25, 2010

When DLB and I first began planning our wedding, we had thoughts of picking flowers at a local farm to save ourself money. Then I got a little worried about time constraints and started researching “do it yourself” bouquets and of course, local florists. First of all, let me start by saying that if a florist is in your budget, by all means, save yourself the time and energy and have a professional put your bouquet together! I’m still on the fence on flowers, whether or not I want to do them myself, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to assemble a DIY bouquet and share my experience with you.


I started off at a local flower shop. I didn’t really have a good idea in mind and didn’t know how many flowers I needed to get. I just knew a general idea of color and kind of went from there. I picked out one central large flower to be my focus flower and color, a few accent flowers and some greenery.


Once I got home, I trimmed off the excess leaves and stems that I didn’t want on my bouquet and quickly saw what I felt was enough flowers dwindle down to half the original size. But I pressed on. I started by arranging the flowers in a vase so that I could see how they would look once tied together. Then I gathered them up and bound them with some floral tape. I finished off the bouquet with an vintage piece of lace though I’m hoping to use my great-grandmother’s handkerchief on my actual bouquet.


I have to say, I was quite pleased with the bouquet and it was quite refreshing to know that I would be capable of making one. Though I think if I were to make my own, I’d definitely get twice as many flowers. This was a wonderful learning experience that I’d recommend experimenting with prior to your wedding if you’re planning to create your own bouquet. It really helped me visualize and plan!


Overall, I spent $30 on this bouquet and it took me about a half hour to put it together. Not bad if you ask me!