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Guest Blogger: Mika 78, DIY Soda Pop Escort Cards

February 24, 2010

I have one more do-it-yourself project for you today – Soda Pop Escort Cards (feel free to use any drink from a signature cocktail to champagne). These are especially great for spring or summer outdoor weddings – it will help your guests cool off on their way to the dinner table!


1. Premium paper **
2. Xyron Machine – If you don’t have a Xyron, you can purchase self-adhesive paper sheets)
3. Permanent Adhesive Cartridge for the Xyron
4. Large Craft Punch (I like to use the scalloped edge)
5. Empty Soda Bottles
6. Optional: Straws

** I like to use a thicker text weight paper for these labels – sometimes the ice cold drink makes the paper bubble from condensation, so the thicker and nicer your paper, the better!).

Let’s get started:


Step 1: Print your label design (fit as many as you can on your sheet).

Step 2: Using your Craft Punch, punch your labels one by one. It helps to turn the puncher around so you see the center.

Step 3: If you’re using a Xyron Machine, run your labels through – face side up.

Step 4: Peel off your label.

Step 5: Carefully stick the label onto your bottle.

Step 6: Repeat until done – how easy is that?!


Detail (optional): I like to apply heart flags to my straws as an added detail. I purchased these heart stickers by Martha Stewart Crafts at Michael’s, but you can use any shape sticker you find. It’s a nice little touch!

Be sure to come up with a signature drink or soda you want to use on your big day. Have someone fill the bottles right before guests arrive to pick them up – you want these ice cold and refreshing! (TIP: It helps to use a funnel to fill the bottles) If you’re feeling really crafty, these labels work just as great with the fabric tutorial I showed you yesterday. The fabric labels are a bit more time consuming, so it works great for smaller, more intimate gatherings.


It’s been so much fun being with you this week. Thanks to all the 100 Layer Cake ladies for inviting me to be a guest blogger!! – xo, Mimi