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Colorboard #26 – Charmaine

January 13, 2010

Guess what we have today? Our first colorboard winner! Yay. This one is for Charmaine, and you can read about her wedding below.


Photo’s by: {From the left: fffound, Prop Stylist Sofie Dillon, Prop Stylist Meghan Guthrie, fffound}

From Charmaine:

As a child growing up in Singapore, my father would pull his lovingly collected nature books and poems from the shelves of our study and read me a woodland poem by Robert Frost or a fairytale, and juxtapose it with facts and pictures about the natural world. Though we lived on the equator and were surrounded by tropical weather, on those nights, my imagination came alive with the woodland autumns, haystacks, soaring mountains, undulating hills and gurgling brooks in temperate countries far away. The magic of woodland forests lived in my mind, while in our tropical paradise I had the joy of playing in jungles full of lush raintrees and ferns, watching ants and other insects wind their way up the trunks of trees, and finding orchids and glistening spiderwebs among the tall grass.

Having moved to the U.S. 6 years ago, I now have the joy of walking amongst those haystacks and hills and laughing brooks I had always dreamed about, but I also miss the warm, drenched rainforests of my childhood. Mark and I fell in love while trekking in Indonesia, and our love for the great outdoors later took us all over US national parks and to Peru, where he proposed by an Inca ruin under the stars, halfway on the hike to Machu Picchu.

So our wedding theme is going to be inspired by a field journal collecting nature’s wonders across two continents! We want to take our guests through a magical walk in the woods and rainforests, incorporating beautiful poems and magical stories about the woods with botany and flower illustrations, grassy moss on the tables, butterflies, drawings of beetles and other beautiful specimen, tropical, succulent and evergreen terrariums, and rustic wooden troughs of water with paper boats floating in them… all interspersed with pops of color of wildflowers: yellow daffodils, buttercups, snowdrops and baby’s breath. We want to fill our guests with the joy of discovering nature’s wonders as they celebrate with us, but I’m having trouble pulling the colors together so that the them won’t appear too dark and full of moss greens or browns – I want there to be light, airy elements and vibrant pops of yellow and dusty pinks too. How do I pull it together? Please help!