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DIY Spa Day…

March 3, 2009

…is a great way to trick your friends into helping you with your wedding projects. These simple, natural recipes from friend of a friend Natalie are seriously perfect for a crafty afternoon or even an activity for your Shower/Bachelorette weekend.

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Jillian had a few friends over to test the recipes and they are amazing! So we were thinking you’d probably want to pass them on to your friends after your little get together, right?

We made cute printable recipe cards for you! They look like this:


And you can download them here:
DIY Spa Day Recipes

Print them on a nice cover stock (so they’re not too flimsy), cut them out, and give them to your girls on their way home. See how this DIY wedding thing can be symbiotic? Your friends help you with your wedding projects and you give them a fun spa day with recipes in return!

Most of the ingredients can be found at natural food stores or Whole Foods. Now all you need is a few bottles of quality Champagne and everything will be right in the world.

Photos by Jillian and her hubby, Scott Clark.