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Let’s switch things up with a post dedicated to the *other half* of the wedding party. Hopefully it will inspire any gift giving you’ve got coming up (even Father’s Day, perhaps?). And have we mentioned there’s an epic giveaway in honor of Share a Coke being back with more names and possibilities than ever? Naturally our minds went straight to weddings. All the weddings we’ve featured have had personalized deets in some way, and these glass Coke bottles inscribed with each guy’s name are such a cool way to kick off a special day.

Coke + 100 Layer Cake giveaway

Our groom’s gift box includes some things we knew our own guys would love: a tie + pocket square, soap, a cigar and cards, + the iconic 8oz Share a Coke bottle with names proudly displayed. There are ways to incorporate the personalized bottles from ShareaCoke.com in different events too: engagement parties, wedding favors, e-sesh photos, Father’s Day, thank yous, co-worker gifts… etc. etc. This year, Coca-Cola has made it easy to get your hands on a special surprise to share.

Coke + 100 Layer Cake giveaway

To DIY a box like ours or any other gift, visit ShareaCoke.com to customize + purchase your own bottles. How perfect is this wood six-pack holder from Wood Thumb for the occasion?

Coke + 100 Layer Cake giveaway

Groom's gift box with Coke

Now that you’ve got ideas, let’s talk giveaway. We want to know how you celebrate sharable moments with your friends + fam. Create a Pinterest board called #ShareaCokeContest to pin your wedding inspiration (doesn’t have to be Coca-Cola or Share a Coke themed) and leave a comment with the link to your board below. The prize, you ask?

Coke + 100 Layer Cake giveaway

One winner will receive a Share a Coke prize pack complete with vouchers for two round-trip flights on United Airlines to anywhere in the continental U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Central America or Hawaii and a $500 Visa gift card. That’s about a $1,700 retail value, btw. The flights can be redeemed through voucher codes on United.com and will be good for one year from the issue date. That way, one lucky reader gets to share a Coke with a loved one no matter the occasion.

Happy pinning! Don’t forget to title your board #ShareaCokeContest + leave the board link in the comments below for an entry. This contest ends on August 1st, 2015.

Personalized Coke Bottles: Share a Coke / Photography: Scott Clark Photo / Tie & Pocket Square: Forage Haberdashery / Wood 6-Pack Holder & Soap: Wood Thumb / Styling: 100 Layer Cake

This prize was provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this promotion.

WINNER UPDATE: We’d like to congratulate Diane Hall on winning our exciting Coke giveaway! It was so amazing seeing all of your creative mood boards. Wish you all the best on your wedding plans. xo, Jillian, Amanda and Kristina of 100 Layer Cake!

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Lucian Levine on Jun 9, 2015

My entry: https://www.pinterest.com/sinisterseraph/shareacokecontest/

Erin on Jun 9, 2015

Cute ideas! I hope you like my Pinterest board inspired by my dream wedding. https://www.pinterest.com/erinmurphywed/shareacokecontest/

Donna on Jun 9, 2015

What a great giveaway! Here's my entry: https://www.pinterest.com/donnakwan/modern-industrial-wedding-inspo/

chelsea on Jun 9, 2015


Maddie D on Jun 9, 2015

Thank you for a wonderful giveaway! Here is my board! https://www.pinterest.com/maddiedickinson/shareacokecontest/

Leslie B on Jun 9, 2015

Nice contest! Here's my board: https://www.pinterest.com/lburns917/shareacokecontest/

Tori L on Jun 9, 2015

This is such an awesome contest, and I love the idea of personalized Coke bottles as wedding favors! Such a classic look. Here's my Pinterest board! https://www.pinterest.com/toribrody/shareacokecontest/

Jordann on Jun 9, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/jordann_hale/shareacokecontest/ Hoping to win and celebrate my one year anniversary!!! Otherwise we're chilling at home.

HS on Jun 9, 2015

Here is my board. https://www.pinterest.com/kraftmaking/shareacokecontest/

Linda on Jun 10, 2015

What great ideas for groomsmen gifts.

Kristina Murrill on Jun 10, 2015

Love the gift ideas on here! These pair perfectly with my "Americana" style wedding inspiration board - check it out! https://www.pinterest.com/kristinamurrill/shareacokecontest/

JC on Jun 10, 2015

My board! https://www.pinterest.com/O1_12_15/shareacokecontest/

Laura B. on Jun 10, 2015

Wow. This rules! https://www.pinterest.com/ellebeeva/shareacokecontest/

JC on Jun 10, 2015

Here's my board! https://www.pinterest.com/O1_12_15/shareacokecontest/

Laura H on Jun 10, 2015

Hope I win! This would be our honeymoon airfare!! https://www.pinterest.com/laura_tpa/shareacokecontest/

Brigette Poniewaz on Jun 10, 2015

Fantastic contest and I love the inspiration! :)

Brigette Poniewaz on Jun 10, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/brigettep/shareacokecontest/ Fantastic contest and I love the inspiration! :)

Abbey on Jun 10, 2015


C. Leonard on Jun 11, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/fatewineroses/shareacokecontest/ Thank you for the opportunity! Love your website. :)

Shannon on Jun 11, 2015


Anna on Jun 12, 2015

Great idea! Here's mine: https://www.pinterest.com/aannahamiltonnc/share-a-coke-contest/

Jennifer Welshans on Jun 14, 2015


Melissa Lowe on Jun 14, 2015

I love these gift ideas!

Melissa Lowe on Jun 14, 2015

Ooops! https://www.pinterest.com/wanderandforage/shareacokecontest/

Jordan Troublefield on Jun 14, 2015

So fun! I think I pinned a wedding I want now, HA! https://www.pinterest.com/jordantroub/shareacoke/

Jordan Troublefield on Jun 14, 2015

So fun! I think I pinned a wedding I want now, HA! https://www.pinterest.com/jordantroub/shareacokecontest/ Sorry for the double submit! Had to fix the title of my pinterest board!

livivua on Jun 15, 2015


Katrina on Jun 16, 2015

I am so happy to have stumbled upon this! My wedding is in October and I have just started putting together my gift for my fiance and love this idea! I have some pallet wood in the garage think I will make a box for him like this! Or maybe have him make the box since I don't know how to use power tools! (: https://www.pinterest.com/cee2782/shareacokecontest/

Suzanne DeVaux on Jun 16, 2015

Here is my link: https://www.pinterest.com/suzanneedevaux/shareacokecontest/ Thank you for the chance to win!!!

AnaLisa on Jun 17, 2015

Need to save towards a honeymoon to New Zealand! This would help so much!! https://www.pinterest.com/analisak/shareacokecontest/

Amanda on Jun 18, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/pixiet11/shareacokecontest/ My fiance's favorite drink is Coke, this is such a cute gift idea for his groomsmen! :)

Kelly S on Jun 19, 2015

My entry: https://www.pinterest.com/serafini26/shareacokecontest/

Sharon Johnson-Eby on Jun 19, 2015

Check out my post on an awesome gift idea. If I win , I would share a specialCoke with my hubby on our upcoming wedding anniversary. http://pinterest.com/shachez/shareacokecontest/

Amanda Player on Jun 21, 2015

Ah! What a fun giveaway! Hoping to win this giveaway with our wedding coming up in August! Would be such a great gift for groomsmen- we have quite the crew! Thanks for such a fun opportunity!

Keala Glushenko on Jun 22, 2015

This is awesome! My fiancé and I wanted to have coke floats at our outdoor wedding. Here's my site: http://pinterest.com/kealaglushenko/shareacokecontest/

Lauren on Jun 22, 2015

Great groomsman gift ideas! Here's my entry: https://www.pinterest.com/lmlaur/shareacokecontest/

Mary Johnston on Jun 22, 2015

What a dream!

Julita on Jun 23, 2015

Loved the ideas!! Amazing!

Christina Traver on Jun 23, 2015

Such a fun contest! Love all the cute ideas. Would love to win :)

Christina Traver on Jun 23, 2015


Dianne Hall on Jun 23, 2015

Thank you for the opportunity :-) https://www.pinterest.com/travelbug300/shareacokecontest/

Kristin A on Jun 25, 2015

Love this giveaway! https://www.pinterest.com/krissped/shareacokecontest/

Nicki on Jun 29, 2015

Best giveaway! https://www.pinterest.com/nickijoseph91/coca-cola-shareacokecontest/

Rachel Hollifield on Jun 30, 2015


Brooke on Jun 30, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/poiemaphoto/shareacokecontest/ ;)

anastasia on Jun 30, 2015

Love the ideas, my brother is getting married.

Rachel Warcholak on Jul 1, 2015

Here is my entry: https://www.pinterest.com/rachswar/shareacokecontest/

Naomi on Jul 1, 2015


Kasey Williams on Jul 5, 2015


Nicole Dziedzic on Jul 7, 2015

My link to my pinterest board entry: https://www.pinterest.com/lilladydz/shareacokecontest-coca-cola-wedding-ideas/

CR Williams on Jul 13, 2015

Here is my board https://www.pinterest.com/couponsavvy/coca-cola-shareacokesweepstakes/

DeBorah B on Jul 13, 2015

Thanks for the generous giveaway!

DeBorah B on Jul 13, 2015


samantha on Jul 19, 2015


Heidi Embrey on Jul 20, 2015

Omgosh..Hawaii would be so dreamy! Thanks :) https://www.pinterest.com/heidiembrey/shareacokecontest/

Angela Suarez on Jul 20, 2015

So excited for this giveaway! Here's my inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.com/angelawsuarez3/shareacokecontest/

Angela Suarez on Jul 20, 2015

So excited for this giveaway! Here's the link for my inspiration board: https://www.pinterest.com/angelawsuarez3/shareacokecontest/

Jordan R on Jul 22, 2015

Link to my pinterest board - Vintage Picnic Summer Party - https://www.pinterest.com/jordansweeps/coca-cola-shareacokecontest/

Jordan R on Jul 22, 2015

My Vintage Picnic wedding board - https://www.pinterest.com/jordansweeps/coca-cola-shareacokecontest/

nycsocal on Jul 24, 2015


Brandy on Jul 24, 2015

This is my dream wedding!! What a great prize this would be!

Brandy on Jul 24, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/babonet/shareacokecontest/ Dream Wedding!

Anna Pry on Jul 26, 2015

https://www.pinterest.com/pryfamily5/shareacokecontest/ my link, thanks for the chance~

Cara Smith on Jul 26, 2015

My entry: https://www.pinterest.com/carasmith10/shareacokecontest/ Fingers and toes crossed :)

Michelle on Jul 29, 2015


Michelle on Jul 29, 2015


Bert Ruiz on Jul 29, 2015

My carnival Extravangaza! board Coca-Cola #ShareaCokeContest https://www.pinterest.com/iamdadtastic/coca-cola-shareacokecontest/

Linda Sung on Jul 30, 2015


Julie on Jul 31, 2015


Kalyani N on Aug 1, 2015

Thank you! https://www.pinterest.com/vibgyor70/coca-cola-shareacokecontest/

Barbara R. on Aug 1, 2015

Thank you for the chance and the fun contest! https://www.pinterest.com/bamr07/shareacokecontest/

Sherry Lilly on Aug 1, 2015

Thanks so much for an awesome contest, here is my link https://www.pinterest.com/slilly5433/shareacokecontest/

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