Squarespace wedding websites

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We’ll go ahead and guess that you’ve probably at least heard of Squarespace websites. Squarespace is known for its simple, powerful websites and blogs all over the net. Each site has 24/7 support, responsive designs (a must if you’ll have viewers on different devices), and an e-commerce page—all for $8 a month. It’s probably the easiest way you can get a beautiful website up and running fast. Starting to see where this is going? Well it IS pretty ideal for wedding websites…

Squarespace wedding websites | 100 Layer Cake

How fun is this? Love when couples aren’t afraid to show off their personalities. Just choose one of Squarespace‘s templates to instantly create a beautiful, mobile-friendly wedding website that allows you to collect addresses and RSVPs, post pics and announcements about the big day, and share important info. The RSVPs automatically get pulled into a Google doc so you can track everything, and you can easily link up or embed registries too (or create a simple cash gift registry right through Squarespace).

Squarespace wedding websites | 100 Layer Cake

Set up a photo album to share your story with friends + fam. Then why not update it later with a gallery of photos and videos from the e-sesh or wedding itself? Too good not to share!

Squarespace wedding websites | 100 Layer Cake

How about a little honeymoon update too?

Even if you’re already familiar with Squarespace, they’ve rolled out a ton of new features with Squarespace 7, including a redesigned interface. You can now make all edits on the same page so you don’t have to flip back and forth between editing + previewing. Plus, there are six new templates just for wedding websites as well as cover pages, which allow you to put up a save the date in minutes. They’ve also teamed up with Getty Images so you can choose from a ton of photos to use for $10 flat.

Squarespace wedding websites | 100 Layer Cake

Every annual account comes with a free domain name, so everything is really all set to go. Personalizing your wedding website with a love story and sweet photos will get people excited about your day for sure.

Squarespace wedding websites | 100 Layer Cake

Thinking of creating your wedding website through Squarespace? Don’t forget to use code 100LAYERCAKE for a 10% discount!

Wedding Photography by:

Nostalgic Photography (jillandryan4life.com)
Chris Simons (yeonhee-lee.squarespace.com)
Silver Lucida (http://alannah-nageer.squarespace.com/)

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