Our 1st wedding anniversary

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Hey Cakies! Amanda here, checking in after our first year of marriage! It’s hard to believe that a year has already flown by. My husband and I celebrated with a weekend at El Capitan Canyon, nestled away in a cozy cabin. We watched the stars, swam in the ocean, went on hikes, ate a simple and sweet dinner on a picnic table at the beach and tearfully recited our vows as the sun set over the water. It was truly a magical weekend.

We also made some new traditions that we will keep for years to come.. like swimming in the ocean on our anniversary day. Years ago, we moved to California to be near the water and start our lives together, so we wanted our wedding to take place overlooking an expansive view of the ocean. Being out there in the waves was so unifying and nourished the soul.

To celebrate our anniversary, I thought I’d share a few more photos of our wedding day, photographed by Max Wanger, as well as an amazing anniversary video by Brian Morrow, of Sharkpig. You can also see the wedding video he created for us here.

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger | 100 Layer Cake

These photos bring back so many memories. It feels like our wedding was just yesterday!

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger | 100 Layer Cake

I remember how nervous and excited I felt in this moment, as our ceremony was shortly thereafter!

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger | 100 Layer Cake

I loved my Jorge Manuel wedding gown so much. It felt so glamorous and elegant with all the architectural details and shiny beading. I’m not one to keep it tucked away in a closet for decades, so I’d love to see how one of you would look in it. I am selling it.. here in our Marketplace.

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger

Everyone asks me, “How is it being married.. it it a lot different?”. I never thought it would be, but it is, turns out. We feel more connected in a deeper way. More like a “team” now. And while it does seem cliché to say, our love really does seem to get stronger every day. At the same time, marriage makes the reality of life, finances, responsibilities, seem more.. real. The pressures, discussions and decisions are more intense now. I know as long as we keep our “team” mentality, hopefully we can get through anything. The tough parts solidify our trust and respect for one another.

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger | 100 Layer Cake

Amanda + Tim | photo by Max Wanger | 100 Layer Cake

Happy 1 year, my love!

Oh, how smitten I am with that video. Brian described how his creative approach was to “illustrate the point of view, perspectives, the memories, and emotions that go into the decision to get married. The decision to join together your lives, your families…” Doesn’t it speak volumes?

{Video by Sharkpig / Photos by Max Wanger }

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Brian on Oct 1, 2013

Even though it's really simple, I think reciting your vows to each other again on your anniversary is a great idea. There's something so powerful about intention. Not only to let your partner know, but also to remind yourself about your own hopes, goals, commitments. Anyway-I'm not married, but it seems like a good idea. Thanks for letting me be a part of your story. Happy Anniversary!

Harmony on Oct 1, 2013

Congrats on your first year of marriage your wedding photos were beautiful. Love your tradition on your anniversary to recite your vows simply sweet and something I will also adopt when I am to be wed.

100layercake on Oct 1, 2013

@Brian, yes it's true! And thanks a million times over for being there with us! @Harmony, thank you! The vows carry the same emotion as they did the first day we said them to one another.

Hot Chocolates - Clayton on Oct 2, 2013

Gorgeous video... what great memories to look back on :) Congrats to you both xoxo

Hawaii Wedding Planner on Oct 2, 2013

Congrats to such a beautiful couple. What a cute way to recite your vows!

Stevie on Oct 2, 2013

Beautiful wedding and photos! Where did this wedding take place? I love it!

CJ Isaac (Charlie Juliet Photography) on Oct 2, 2013

This is amazing, I teared up watching this. What a beautiful video, congrats! :) :)

100layercake on Oct 2, 2013

@Stevie Thank you! It was at Casa Romantica in San Clemente. Such an amazing venue with a beautiful view too.

Joey on Oct 20, 2013

Absolutely love the environment! Beautiful!

Jessica Wilkeson on Nov 26, 2013

Beautiful gown! I love the photos and I love that you recited your vows on your 1st wedding anniversary! How lovely and sweet and ever so appropriate! Did you have them printed on paper to keep up with the traditional wedding anniversary gifts? That would have been a great idea if not. While I don't want to wish time to pass too quickly, do enjoy yourselves. I just wanted to let you know that I design custom cotton wedding anniversary gifts for the traditional second year wedding gift. You can find them here at www.cottonweddingmaps.com or www.etsy.com/shop/jwdesignstudio Good luck and happily ever after!! Jessica

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