Inexpensive engagement ring ideas

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Hope you’re all enjoying the long weekend! We knew some of you would be using today to catch up on some planning and pinning, so we wanted to put some pretty bling in front of you. FYI, this post could be a good one to bookmark and “accidentally” leave open on your desktop for your partner to see.

We gathered some of pretty engagement rings in all different price points…check ’em out!

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Social Love

meg on May 27, 2013

Such unique ideas.

Bridal Mentor on May 27, 2013

Love the Rose Gold Hazeline Solitaire with champagne diamonds. It's a timeless look!

@sashbuzz on May 27, 2013

Unique engagement ring ideas

@100LayerCake on May 27, 2013

FYI, this is the post you’re going to want to “accidentally” leave open on your desktop for your partner to see..

San Diego Wedding Places on May 27, 2013

It's not how much your ring is worth, it's what it's worth to you.

@phildweddings on May 28, 2013

Our favorite engagement rings

Aurora Diaz on May 28, 2013

Hola, los precios son dorales o moneda nacional y si quiero alguno cual es el priceso? Salu2

cecdkc on Jul 2, 2013

I don't consider a ring over $2K "inexpensive." Less than what many may consider an average price, but not inexpensive.

Luis Ibrahim on Jul 16, 2013

The ongoing recessional phase of the economy has compelled many couples to curtail their wedding expenses. The ideas will help them in getting the most stylish and unique engagement rings without spending a lot of money.

Engagement Rings on Jul 22, 2013

Beautiful designs and ideas too! These ideas are gonna help couples buy nice designer rings without spending much money.

Nicola on Aug 28, 2013

Coloured stones are just as gorgeous and more affordable than big diamonds! Here are personal favourites from a Toronto designer Anouk Jewelry:

Thiago daLuz on Oct 30, 2013

Those solitaires remind me of a collectino of wedding rings I saw in Portland OR. Very cool, I love almost all of these designs. Thanks for putting this together.

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