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Amanda and Tim’s retro-inspired wedding invitations

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Aaaaand here we are.. the day I’ve been waiting to share with all of you dear 100 Layer Cake readers.. OUR WEDDING DAY! I feel like I’m dreaming as I write this post. I’ve thought about how all our details would all come together, what you all would think and how being a part of this blog for the last 4 years has influenced so many of the things we dreamt up for our big day. And I’m so happy to finally share it with you.

As a graphic designer, the paper details were my favorite part of the wedding creative process. I went a little nutty and designed our invites, drink coasters and cocktail napkins, matchboxes, flower take-away bags, sweets bags, menus, programs, and our dinner napkins (which you will see in the next post). Once I got started it was hard to stop. So here are our invites, photographed by Edyta Szyszlo… I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Amanda and Tim's wedding invites | Photo by Edyta Szyszlo | 100 Layer Cake

Amanda and Tim's wedding invites | Photo by Edyta Szyszlo | 100 Layer Cake

Amanda and Tim's wedding invitation suite | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

One of the first things I did before starting our invite design was email Bernadette Pascua, and beg her to do the lettering for our invites. She is an amazing fashion illustrator and I’ve always been a groupie of her hand-lettering style. I love how sophisticated yet casual and fashion-forward it feels.

Amanda and Tim's wedding invitation suite | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

Amanda and Tim's wedding invitation suite | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

No shortage of gold here. Remember how I DIY’d these gold envelope edges? It was surprisingly easy, with a nice ‘wow’ factor. My gal pals Sarah and Audrey helped cut, glue and stuff these babies one evening. (Thanks for the help, gals!)

Amanda and Tim's wedding invitation | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

I’m a sucker for a good vintage stamp. And I don’t think the trend is going away any time soon. I visited my local stamp and coin shop and scoured through their old dusty books of stamps until I found the perfect pretties for our envelopes. The Wizard of Oz stamp harkens back to my roots. I was born in Kansas, and Tim and I met in Kansas City. He is from Michigan, and I was lucky to happen upon stamps of trees native to the area. When I was a young girl, I had a fascination with space and wanted to be an astronaut, so this Apollo stamp was a fun little addition.

p.s. We did an informative post on vintage stamps a few years back. You’ll have to check it out for some tips.

vintage stamps  | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

Amanda and Tim's wedding | 100 Layer Cake

Moving on to our wedding favors. Eeee these make me happy. Really happy. Many an hour were spent trying to come up with the most perfect favor idea. On a brainstorm with my 100 Layer Cake team one day it hit us.. diamonds! Since our wedding had a retro James Bond-ish style, the “Diamonds are Forever” idea became the perfect fit. (Thanks Tara, for helping me come up with the saying!). My online search for gems didn’t prove to be fruitful right away. I couldn’t find the right size, so ended up having them produced by Charming Creation.

Amanda and Tim's diamond wedding favors | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

Amanda and Tim's wedding invitation suite | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

I wrote little sayings with a gold pen on each of our candy takeaway bags.

Amanda and Tim's retro wedding details | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

Drink stirrers are one of those things that add the perfect little touch to your cocktails. Everyone loves a cute drink stirrer. I couldn’t decide which ones I liked best, so I decided to go with both. The vintage gold glitter lucite stirrers were collected on many late night eBay and Etsy scavenges. I may consider selling 50 of them. Any takers?

Amanda and Tim's wedding drink coasters | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

Coasters are a wedding-day essential, if you ask me. It’s a nice takeaway item that guests can use at home, and it’s a fun reminder of your special day.

Mama’s Sauce is the bomb when it comes to printing. I sent in my artwork and they sent back beautifully letterpressed, foiled and utterly perfect coasters. Plus they were such cool people to work with. (Hey, Brooks!)

retro wedding drink coasters | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

wedding drink stirrer | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

I made these stirrers using a bamboo skewer and sequin balls. You literally stick the skewer into the foam ball and you’re done. Easy peasy.

custom wedding matchbox | 100 Layer Cake | photo by Edyta Szyszlo

The cocktail napkins and matchboxes were printed by For Your Party. Those people can print anything.

You can see photos of our wedding in the latest issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, in print and on the iPad).

So there you have it! I hope you enjoyed perusing through all the pink. Stay tuned for the rest of our wedding details in a jiffy!

xo, Amanda

Design: by me! Photography and styling: Edyta Szyszlo / Hand-lettering: Bernadette Pascua / Invitation screen-printing: Diversified Images / Coaster printing: Mama’s Sauce / Napkin, matchbox printing: For Your Party / Striped paper bags: Shop Sweet Lulu

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  1. These are FABULOUS!!!!! I love the bold colours used here and those adorable stamps!

  2. Beautiful! If you do list those stirrers ill take them!

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  4. Love all of this – so fun and chic.

  5. Yay! I’m sharing my wedding day today! Starting with our bold & bright invitation set, photographed by @edytaphoto http://t.co/cfiOnmgPZm

  6. Luxurious and SO much fun!

  7. I am in love with all the patterns, gold, and graphics. Such wonderful details that leave me inspired! Can’t wait to see more.

  8. Love these they are so yummy!! The colours are great!

  9. So happy to be a part of this project. Everything looks great, Amanda!

  10. A special thank you goes out to @mamassauce for their beautiful job printing our cocktail coasters. Thx, guys! http://t.co/SeNMuK6mua

  11. There are so many elements happening on this invitation suite, but the designer managed to make it work by… http://t.co/f2TYz1rLtp

  12. Oh my goodness…I LOVE IT!!!! Pink, Black & Gold is my fave!!

  13. So many amazing ideas here, I am dying to pinch some of them. Especially love the flashes of gold and black and white stripes.

    Oh and the coaster idea.

    Oh and the crystals.

    Oh and the lovely vintage stamps! <3

  14. I was so thrilled to have @BernadettePasc do the lettering on our suite.. http://t.co/SeNMuK6mua

  15. These are INCREDIBLE!!! You did such a fantastic job- so colorful and whimsical and fun! :) Can’t wait to see more of your wedding! xo

  16. So much inspiration! Love everything!

  17. Amazing! RT @100LayerCake I’m sharing my wedding day today! Starting with our bold & bright invitation set http://t.co/jMsnGzjIif

  18. Would love to know if you list those stirrers (or anything else!)

  19. My heart may hv skipped several beats when receiving @100LayerCake’s wedding invitation.One of the most amazing ever! http://t.co/fpex15rbIC

  20. Check out the fun patterns & #handlettering on these bright, vintage-inspired #weddinginvitations- http://t.co/sjHELBw5qs #graphicdesign

  21. Love these! RT @100layercake: Yay! I’m sharing my wedding day today! Starting with our bold & bright invitation set.. http://t.co/IVS4HzZvf5

  22. So in love with your details, Amanda! Please let me know if you list anything…our wedding is New Years Eve & obviously, I’m in love with gold.

  23. Hello there – these are stunning!! Can i ask what the plain card with the large gold heart was used for? I am loving everything you have done so fabulous!!

  24. Aww all of your comments are so sweet! @Andi and @Stacy, I’ll let you know! @Josephine, the large gold heart card was the back of our main wedding invite! xo

  25. Seriously AMAZING!! LOVE these!!! xo

  26. Ohhhh so fabulous!!! love love love them all!! I thought it was an extra treat and couldn’t put my finger on it!

    They are gorgeous! Do you create for other people or just for yourself?

    Thanks so much!

  27. Thanks @Josephine! I don’t typically design invitations for others, but we have talked about coming out with some save the date designs on 100 Layer Cake.

  28. A great source of vintage postage stamps is TreasureFox who has a shop on Etsy. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TreasureFox. They have several pre-packed sets based on themes or you can ask them to make you a custom order. Great prices too.


  29. These are gorgeous! I’m planning my wedding now, and this gave me lots of inspiration! I found you via Rekita @ Her and Nicole.

  30. @100layercake : gorgeous. i am also enraptured by the bodoni-poster-like typeface. would you mind sharing its name?

  31. @Jaso, the font is called Carousel

  32. Hi Amanda!
    Congrats – what a beautiful wedding :)
    I wondered if you’d mind sharing where you purchased the towels for your gift bags?

  33. Thanks Duci! You can get custom towels printed here: http://www.luxuriousorganics.net/Towels.html

  34. Hi Amanda,

    I am in love with your esthetic for this wedding! Gorg!!!

    Question re: the favors… so did charming creation fulfill a custom order for you, or were the “diamonds” readily available on the website?


  35. What a beautiful wedding invitation, the colors are so romantic.

  36. Hi Maeve, Charming Creation made a custom order for us. They manufactured and sent them within a few weeks.

  37. Wow, awesome stuff. Great to see your designs and how you did your own wedding. Some amazing ideas and the amount of work that’s gone into each design is amazing. The best thing is that it has created some great memories for you.

  38. Your wedding is AMAZING!! And the inspiration for mine! Where did you get the sequin balls?

  39. Hi, how much are you selling those gold drink stirrers for?

  40. So gorgeous, I am obsessed with every last bit of it all! Did you happen to do save the dates at all? I would love to see them if so! Thanks Amanda!

  41. Also, one last quick question! I’d love to know where you had everything printed? Or if you have any great recommendations for me! I am in the process of creating my own invites and that would be amazing help! Thanks again!

  42. Hi Amanda,

    I would REALLY like to hire you to make my invites and suite just like these – is that possible?

    Thank you!

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