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We’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about the new Wes Anderson film, Moonrise Kingdom, so we thought it would be fitting to share this shoot. Plus, we loved the film. We’re sure this couple did too, but it was actually The Royal Tenenbaums, Anderson’s 2001 film that inspired this e-sesh. It’s Chris + Hanniel’s go-to movie when they’re feeling sick, need a giggle, or want to be reminded of how they met. They watch it A LOT, and it’s the film’s quirky and off-beat style they hoped to capture in their photos. They have quite the love story to tell, so we’re going to let Hanniel take it from here…

wes anderson-inspired props

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

vintage glam style

Chris and I met right out of high school. We were attracted to each other right away but it was our love for Wes Anderson that bonded us. Royal Tenenbaums was and is both of our favorite movies. I had never had a boyfriend or even kissed a boy, so our common bond helped my awkward self feel more at ease. Throughout our relationship we quoted Wes Anderson movies. Although it helped my awkward and horrid dating personality, it didn’t cure it. I was horribly shy, said all the wrong things and ruined every romantic moment. But Chris says that when he first saw me he was in love and after our first conversation about Wes Anderson, he said he decided that no matter what it took he was going to marry me. And he did, he was never scared off and pursued me through the awkwardness, until being with each other felt like home. Over the years we fell more and more in love. If one of us was sick in bed, we’d always bring over soup and Royal Tenenbaums.

wes anderson-inspired engagement

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

After 5 1/2 years of dating, the talk of marriage was beginning to get serious. Chris even asked my parents for my hand in marriage. But around the same time, I began getting sick. I got sicker and sicker until I was bed ridden and in and out of the hospital. Doctors couldn’t diagnose me and 3 sickly years passed. But instead of being scared off, or deciding the burden of my illness was too much to carry, Chris stood strong by my side. Never wavering. Always believing that I’d be completely healed. Through it all he was there, sitting by my side at DR.s appts, in the ER, the hospital, by my bed side. Finally after being transferred to Stanford I got a diagnosis. “You’ll have this for the rest of your life, learn how to live with it”. I went into deep depression and had a speech ready for Chris about how I want the best for him and this kind of life with me was not it.

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

But his love astounded me, it blew me away. He would listen to my speech and let me cry on his shoulder for the next few months. He actually played Royal Tenenbaums to cheer me up. At this point I was sicker than ever, 94 pounds and bed ridden. Meanwhile without my knowledge Chris had asked my parents for my hand in marriage again, a refresher. Knowing that he was signing up for a life of being my nurse, on his own, Chris was planning his proposal. He planned to propose in my room while I was in bed. But after seeing a new doctor and trying new remedies, I started to feel better. By the time Chris proposed I was well enough to enjoy his elaborate nostalgic proposal and celebrate with my family. When he proposed I felt hit by a pure and sacrificial love and basically cried for an hour.

vintage glam fashion

wes-anderson-inspired engagement session

yellow details

We decided to get married in Maui so that we could have a small, low impact wedding for my health. After years of seeing and experiencing so many ugly things, me and Chris and our families wanted to experience something beautiful. After 8 1/2 years of being in love through everything we’re getting married in Maui and moving to Austin. So this chapter in our lives, really is a new and wonderful adventure!

vintage luggage set

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

H&M floral dress

H&M floral dress

vintage red blouse and forever21 blue skirt

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

vintage red blouse and forever21 blue skirt

vintage dress, banana republic necklace and j crew heels

vintage dress and j crew heels

banana republic coral necklace

wes anderson-inspired engagement session

rabbit graphic props

blue wedges from Target

Thank you for sharing your story C + H. We wish you an incredible wedding in Hawaii!

Stylist & design: Rebekah Carey McNall of A & B Creative / Photography: Delbarr Moradi / Brides long green dress: vintage / Bride’s green and pink dress: H & M / Bride’s red top: vintage / Blue skirt: Forever 21 / Bride’s coral necklace: Banana Republic / Bride’s coral shoes: JCREW / Brides pink necklace: H&M / Bride’s cobalt blue wedges: Target / Blue & white Striped wedges: Target / Bride’s oxfords: vintage Ferragamo / Bride’s ivory crochet dress: Free People / Orange fur coat: Free People / Groom’s oxford shoes: Asos / Groom’s chambray shirt: Banana Republic, Groom’s boots: Clarks / Groom’s jeans: Levi’s / Groom’s blue sweater and wool jacket: vintage / Groom’s boat shoes: Sperrys / Make-up: Nikol Elaine Artistry

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Social Love

Kinsey on Jul 11, 2012

Good grief, she is stunning. I am ready to buy every single thing she's wearing. And they are an adorable couple with such a beautiful story!

Kate D. on Jul 11, 2012

What a beautiful story! Fitting for two beautiful people. Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen on Jul 11, 2012

Holy tear-jerker! What a beautiful couple! Congrats!

Kristina on Jul 11, 2012

That was such a beautiful story. I wish them both love and happiness. Thanks for sharing!

Christin Healey on Jul 11, 2012

This is so creative and beautiful!

Hrh on Jul 11, 2012

The anchor necklace! Where isthat from?

Rebekah on Jul 11, 2012

Thank you so much for featuring this shoot ladies! While I think my styling helped, this couple's beauty and love is so obvious and shining brightly in every picture. I love their love so much and was so honored to be included in the lead-up to their big day!

Annie @ Marry You Me on Jul 11, 2012

She is so stunning and I love their love story. Great shoot!

stephanie on Jul 11, 2012

Such a beautiful shoot! And a wonderfully loving story. Thanks for sharing!

Liz on Jul 11, 2012

Thank you for sharing your story...and what a beautiful love story it is! Congrats to you both, and happy marriage in Maui :) Love every image! Stunning!

Rebekah on Jul 11, 2012

Hrh- The anchor necklace is a family heirloom and vintage, sorry!

cinzia bruschini on Jul 11, 2012

Love this shooting <3<3<3

Lisa on Jul 11, 2012

What a couple!!! I love them! Great story, great pictures, great adventures ahead!! xo.

Delbarr Moradi on Jul 11, 2012

Such a dream to shoot two of the sweetest people, and collaborating with Rebekah brings out the best in both of us...so humbled and happy to see this featured!! Thank you ladies!!

Leah on Jul 11, 2012

good lord! her footwear (and everything else) is amazing! LOVE.

Rachel Rubenstein on Jul 11, 2012

WOW. I am blown away by this real life fairy tale. It's amazing how the darkest times can turn into the brightest times of our lives. I work at the International Disability Center and we work with those affected by visible (physical) and invisible disabilities. Your story is so compelling, I was wondering if you had ever heard of the organization? www.joniandfriends.com

Sogol on Jul 11, 2012

This is so beautiful! And such s inspiring story of true love! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Julia on Jul 11, 2012

Awww what a tear jerker story! They are such a sweet couple and that they have stuck by each other shows true love and dedication! Loving the themed pictures on the shoot, tastefully done. Wishing them both a long and happy future together! :-)

Ange on Jul 11, 2012

I'm not sure that the anchor necklace is an heirloom? The same exact one is available at catbird, and I'm pretty sure thats why they promoted this post on their facebook. good day.

Jonathan on Jul 11, 2012

That's my sister! Their love is beautiful and a reflection of Gods love. I am so happy for you han an dI know you will be completely healed!

Rebekah on Jul 11, 2012

Hi Ange, I'm so glad you found a version everyone can buy! This necklace belonged to the groom's Grandmother.

Forouzan on Jul 11, 2012

A very beautiful, powerful love story! So inspiring. I love them!!

Lindsey on Jul 11, 2012

This is beautiful! I wish them the best of luck. -Lindsey

Annalisa on Jul 12, 2012

beautiful story! love her last dress:X:X:X gogeous

francine on Jul 12, 2012

awww, what a precious story. i definitely teared up! best wishes and congratulations to the lovely couple!!

TR on Jul 12, 2012

Could you tell me where the framed print-"oh darling lets be adventurers." is from? I love it. PS-What a sweet life you have hanniel+chris!

Sonja on Jul 13, 2012

This is a story about love. How heartwarming! Thank you all for sharing! The story is inspirational and the designs and photos are great too!

Carine Krawiec (@CarinesBridal) on Jul 15, 2012

We love this Wes Anderson inspired engagement shoot from 100 Layer Cake:... http://t.co/nR9q7B5A

Angela on Jul 16, 2012

This shoot and story was just too beautiful!

Amanda on Jul 16, 2012

As a fan of Wes Anderson and stylish couples, I adore this shoot! I also love the engagement ring, where is it from?

Liz & Lex Events (@LizLexEvents) on Jul 17, 2012

Wes Anderson inspired engagement shoot! http://t.co/6hBqlxZ3

Long Haul Films (@longhaulfilms) on Jul 18, 2012

This Wes Anderson inspired engagement shoot from @100LayerCake is gorgeous. Get your Tenanbaums on! http://t.co/rGV79saz #weddingwednesday

Appy Couple (@AppyCouple) on Jul 18, 2012

♥it! RT @longhaulfilms: Wes Anderson inspired engagement shoot from @100LayerCake is gorgeous. Get your Tenanbaums on! http://t.co/1jnxCcfv

Larissa Sanz (@Lfsanz14) on Jul 20, 2012

Wes Anderson inspired engagement shoot | Engagements | 100 Layer Cake http://t.co/OOd7PLey via @100layercake

Ash (@codenameashtray) on Jul 24, 2012

Through sickness and in health. Such a cute wedding-story! http://t.co/YPuisxqP

Tessa on Sep 19, 2012

I didn't need that mascara on anyway...have a WONDERFUL wedding and marriage, you two!

Zarmina (@ZarminaF) on Oct 2, 2012

@ZarlashtFaisal Looook at this! http://t.co/q3sZADw6 <3

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