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Yesterday we tweeted that this wedding was a first for us. Not because it’s from Australia, but because of its theme. Concrete. The wedding invitations were concrete, the floors of both the ceremony and reception area were concrete, and even Nathan + Toe’s wedding bands were obviously, concrete. Their wedding was as modern and far from typical as a wedding could be, and it was beautiful. They even scheduled their ceremony location, a contemporary art gallery in Australia, to coincide with an exhibition by Ariel Hassan, whose artwork played a big part in setting the tone for their ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony took place during an exhibition of Ariel Hassan's work.

Toe and Nathan join hands.

Our music for the day was almost entirely ambient and instrumental, with the majority of the tracks by an artist called Helios. His track, Hope Valley Hill was the song we walked down the aisle to, whilst Manual’s cover of the Slowdive song, Blue Skied An’ Clear played whilst we signed the register and concluded the ceremony.

Bride descends as Groom waits on makeshift stage
Bride and Groom's custom made cement rings

The first for us: wedding invitations cast in concrete! Amazing.

Invitation Suite custom designed and cast from cement.

The decision was made quite early that the invitations would be cast in concrete. A lot of the expense and time was spent experimenting on how to best produce them to get the right finish and ensure that the text was legible. I (Nathan) designed all the items with the help of The Ink Room providing us with the letterpress plates, which we used to create the molds, as well as printing the cardboard items. The invites were wrapped in newsprint and sealed with our logo, which I originally designed for our engagement. The logo says totonene in stylised katakana, with ‘to’ being the first character of Toe’s name, and ‘ne’ being the first character in mine. Due to the nature of the invites, we had to hand deliver most of them, with a couple sent interstate heavily bubble wrapped.

Groom Nathan and his Bride, Toe.

Floral arrangements featured Red Dahlias, Grey Seed-pods and Passionfruit Ivy.

Bride's custom cement wedding band

Cute bit on how N + T met: We met online through Toe’s blog. At the time, Toe was writing about music, art and design, and I just stumbled upon her blog one night. Sharing a lot of interests, I started to leave some comments on her posts. This led to some more lengthy email conversations, and eventually she came over to Australia on holiday and we met in person. After meeting, we realised that there was something there and developed a relationship through emails, iChat, packages and the trip before Toe made the move from Tokyo to Adelaide.

Bride's handmade Feather Headpiece from Twigs and Honey

Bride's Bouquet featuring Red Dahlias and Seed Pods

Poppies Flowers created an amazing modern bouquet using round style posy, grey tone seed pods, steel grey privet berries, red rose hips, deep red dahlias, passion fruit vine, and tied it all together with leather.

Boutonniere featured White Chincherinchee and a berry sprig wrapped in leather.

Bridal bouquet featuring red dahlias, grey seed-pods, and passion-fruit vine

Location and Details from the wedding reception.

persimmon decor ideas

The decor for their family only dinner reception came as a complete (and pleasant) surprise to them. With the ceremony being very modern, they wanted the barn to have more of a vintage feel. That’s where White Wall photography stepped in to help out from behind the camera. Thanks to their generous hands, they styled the barn as you see it here.

The reception dinner styled by Whitewall

The wedding party at their candlelit reception

rustic candlelit dinner

White pillar candles served as a simple centerpiece to the reception table.

Congratulations Nathan + Toe!

Photography and reception styling: Whitewall Photography / Reception venue: The White House in Adelaide Hills / Invitation design: Nathan Adams / Flowers: Poppie’s Flowers / Cocktail food catering: Indulgence Food Design / Makeup: Gemma Vendetta / Printing: The Ink Room / Desserts: Red Door Bakery / Wait staff: Are You Being Served / Bride’s dress: J.Crew / Shoes: Repetto / Handmade feather headpiece: Twigs and Honey / Groom’s suite: Taylor’s of Distinction / Tie: elvedge yarn-dyed twill tie by The Hill-Side

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Social Love

Tarek on Jun 5, 2012

This is effortless florals to reception, printed goods and all--not overdone, not trendy, not understated. Just the right amount of amazing!

Samantha on Jun 5, 2012

Wow I love the modern feeling of this wedding. I am going to use some of these pics on my next inspiration board I create on the Vera Wang on Weddings app - I have been having way too much fun with it!

Lorna on Jun 5, 2012

I love how modern this wedding is, very beautiful details and the wedding invitations are excellent!

Scout on Jun 5, 2012

Thanks so much for feature this :) S

Scout on Jun 5, 2012


chicago wedding photography on Jun 5, 2012

I'm a fan of anything involving Slowdive. Excellent.

Gemma Vendetta on Jun 5, 2012

Thank You for the feature! With lots of love from Adelaide, South Australia!! xx Gemma Vendetta

The Ink Room on Jun 5, 2012

Amazing wedding, amazing couple - such a joy to be involved with this one :) xo

Nathan & Toe on Jun 6, 2012

Thank you so much for covering our wedding. Whilst everything was planned to cater to just us, it's nice to see that others appreciate it. Plus any excuse to look at the photos again is a good one!

Amy - Chic Vintage Brides on Jun 6, 2012

Such a creative wedding! The colours, the candles, the concrete :) so gorgeous! x

Saint Gertrude on Jun 7, 2012

This wedding is incredible on so many levels!

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