A colorful Balinese wedding

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You know why we love Cinzia Bruschini, aside from the drop-dead romantic moments she captured in Amanda’s Italy engagement pics? Because she’s completely inspired by love stories. So much so that she stumbled upon a Balinese wedding, of which she was not invited to (but so courteously welcomed into), and photographed it. The girl is adventurous! Yep, she basically “crashed” a wedding. This wedding. And she’s here to share her wonderful and memorable experience!

Balinese wedding

It was my last day in Bali. I’d been there photographing a wedding. Our driver was showing us around Ubud. It was gorgeous! At one point the exterior decoration of one particular house caught my eye. We asked the driver to stop, walked to the front of the house and politely asked the people standing there if it would be possible to enter to see what was happening inside.

Bali wedding

It was a dream (and just my luck) to find out that there was a wedding taking place inside! We were immediately greeted at the entrance by a few younger girls that were part of the family serving some coke, fanta and delicious homemade cakes. They asked if we could sign their guest book and we happily obliged. Walking into the rest of the house we could see a great bed of decorations and batik textiles ready to welcome the bride and the groom at the center of the house. 

Bali wedding

colorful wedding

Inside people were eating, others listening to music, and others were playing Balinese music with flutes and xylophones. The bride and groom, along with their witnesses welcomed us, and even though it was difficult to communicate with them, it was easy to see that the atmosphere was relaxed and informal, pervaded by a genuine and heartfelt mysticism.

Bali wedding

Bali wedding

My last day in Ubud was perfect!

Amazing, right? Let’s just all cross our fingers that an amazing photographer will, by happenstance, stumble into your wedding and take gorgeous photos of it! Cinzia, thank you so much for sharing your adventure with us!

See the rest of Cinzia’s colorful Bali trip on here.

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Social Love

Caribbean Wedding events on Apr 30, 2012

These colors are amazing and gorgeous...thank you for sharing!

jose luis on Apr 30, 2012

A great wedding, a very nice detail

Jennifer on Apr 30, 2012

I'm loving the colors and patterns in this wedding! So bright and fab!

Terri on Apr 30, 2012

What a wonderful treat on your last day in Bali! They were so gracious to let you join the festivities.

Jenna on Apr 30, 2012

Ooooh.... simply breathtaking! Great that the photographer was permitted to "crash" the wedding. But I was also wondering if the photographer obtained permission from the photographed to use these pictures commercially. I know this didn't need to be mentioned in the post, but I would just like to know if 100layercake or the photographer can chime in. It seems that the right to publicity is a broader topic in photography in general including wedding photography, but in this case it seems especially important since it's a private event and, from an ethics perspective, a different culture with apparent communication difficulties. Use of their images without permission on a popular Western blog seems exploitative and may be illegal (I have no idea on Indonesian law though!). Thanks for offering any reassurance.

cinzia bruschini on Apr 30, 2012

Hi Jenna, It was a celebration in a private house and we were invited to enter and take pictures. (i think that if they didn't like other people taking pictures they would not invite us in their home and they would not invite us to take pictures) We was there during the wedding party, not during the private ceremony They invited us to take pictures. They posed for me, and i posed for them. I think we are in their wedding film and in their wedding photos. Sorry, but I'm not using this pictures commercially. The pictures are on my blog with the other pictures about my trip. And they are in this blog with the story about the trip with a very clear explanation about who/what/where/why. thanks C

Jenna on Apr 30, 2012

Thanks for clarifying, Cinzia! That does sound like a mutually welcoming experience, didn't mean to suggest otherwise. I do think there is a distinction, however, between the bride and groom and wedding guests wanting/allowing you to take photos, and them wanting/allowing you to post the photos in a very visible wedding blog on the internet. Did you communicate to them that you were going to do so? I do think you are using the pictures commercially, or at least promotionally in order to advance your photography business. It is disingenuous to suggest that posting your photos on a high profile wedding blog is NOT in your commercial interest. Sorry, I am not buying that part!

cinzia bruschini on Apr 30, 2012

No Jenna, I'm not using these pictures promotionally in order to advance my photography business. My goal is not to become an italian tourist with a camera in a balinese traditional wedding. These are pictures about a trip. Thanks, C

Vanessa on Apr 30, 2012

What a lovely couple and experience to have been so welcomed by their family. I'd welcome you in a second to take photos! Your photos show the beauty of their culture perfectly! I can't get over how bright everything is. Lots of color inspiration in here for sure!

Barbara (fatamadrina®) on Apr 30, 2012

Dear Jenna, I am pretty positive Amanda will confirm these pictures were never submitted for publication on Cinzia's part, as they were never shot with the purpose of being eventually published on this blog (or any blog of this magnitude). They were shot out of an urge most photographers feel for, quite simply, taking pictures. I have worked with Cinzia and can vouch for her strict sense of ethics and the extra mile she always goes to in order to make sure all parties are aware of their rights and comfortable with the use she makes of the images she takes. I understand how you might feel about some so-called professionals, always on the look-out for a chance to get their 15 minutes of fame. But knowing Cinzia I can tell you this would never be the case with her.

Jenna on Apr 30, 2012

Ok, thanks for the reassurance guys! I just think we need to be sensitive to this since it's a different culture and there seemed to have been some communication difficulties. As the commenting reminder says, "And remember that the couples shown on our site are real people who have been nice enough to share their special day with us. Please treat them as you'd like to be treated." It just wasn't clear to me from the post that the couple shared their special day with us, or if the photographer did on their behalf. But I see now that the couple most likely would've been ok with the post and... I guess that's ok!

Clara on Apr 30, 2012

Sei un genio Cinzia!!! Piaciuta Bali??? Xxx

100layercake on Apr 30, 2012

Thanks for your concern, Jenna. We are always happy to encourage dialogue on our site! We did reach out to Cinzia on our own accord after seeing these photos on her blog. She was most definitely not looking to use these to advance or promote her photography career, but simply nice enough to let us show them when we asked. We thought that such beautiful color and texture would be inspiring for everyone planning their own weddings. From an ethical standpoint, we made the judgement call that since this couple and their family invited Cinzia into their home to take photos of their wedding reception, they would most likely not be sensitive to others seeing them as well. Hope that clears things up!

chicago wedding photographer on Apr 30, 2012

This is gorgeous!

Jennifer @ Simple Gestures Wedding Favors on Apr 30, 2012

Beautiful pictures. So colorful. It is always nice to explore other cultures and their traditions.

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