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One of our Chicago vendors, trüstudio, is representin’ today, and helping us to kick off  the many Valentine’s Day / romantic inspiration that we have coming your way next week. This uber charming love sesh – complete with a pretty little lady playing a hand-drawn banjo starts off just like how we all dream of spending a sweet day with our man – lounging around and being cute together. Halfway into the shoot things get a little different (in the most creative way possible). See for yourself!

paper fortune valentine

Here are a  few words from trustudio to help set the mood:

It’s a bright sunny morning and nothing beats lounging around with the one you love. It happens to be Valentine’s day, but there won’t be any red roses, chocolates, or teddy bears gifted today. This year, for Jaime and Patrick, it’s all about celebrating their relationship, their memories of times past, and looking forward to their future. After being together for many years, Patrick wanted this year to be different, to be special and to show Jaime just how much their relationship meant to him. He decided that, instead of giving Jaime a traditional card, his ‘valentine’ would be to make an old school paper fortune – with a twist.  Hidden inside were favorite memories he and Jaime share, as well as an upcoming surprise. 

paper fortune valentine

This is where the shoot turns into cute overload. Kind of reminds us of a cute scene out of Michel Gondry’s, The Science of Sleep.

illustration photo engagement ideas

gold ring wedding ideas 

illustration photo engagement ideas

Don’t mind us. We may just start illustrating sweet cute nothings on all our personal photos. This is the cutest idea!

Thanks to all the amazing talent involved for allowing us to share!

Photography: Steve + Anne Truppe of trü studio / Styling: trü studio / Hair + Makeup: Shelby George Smith / Talent: Patrick + Jaime of Lily’s Talent Agency

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Social Love

Sarah Addison on Feb 10, 2012

Wow- there are so many things I love about this shoot! From her red tights to the little stars drawn on the pictures. LOVE !

emilypf on Feb 11, 2012

The added illustrations is a delightful touch.

Lee on Feb 11, 2012

I love the look of the photos. They're not Hi Def, but shows the true essence of the environment

Tan on Feb 11, 2012

That last set is ridiculously adorable and so creative! I love it

Molly Legut on Feb 13, 2012

Seriously the cutest idea ever! I especially love the umbrella photo!

Jessie - Simply Jessie Photography on Feb 13, 2012

Beautiful work. Great lighting with a quiet and peaceful feel. Love love it!

Tim Duncan on Feb 13, 2012

Love the umbrella and guitar art photos! These are amazing!

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