A Bleubird Vintage wedding: James + Aubrey (part 1)

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Words cannot accurately express how excited we are about today’s wedding. It’s not just any wedding, peoples. It’s the wedding of Miss James and her man Aubrey, and their beautiful children. If you don’t follow the Bleubird blog, you’re in for a treat when you click over. It’s a heartfelt portrait of super sweet, and always stylish family. We’re big fans, that’s for sure.

And their wedding is such a gorgeous expression of what we imagine their life, and their love story to be. So many beautiful details (designed by the lovely Ashley Meaders), but nothing over wrought or too too. Just pure, delicious beauty captured expertly by the supremely talented Brooke Schwab. And their children (two for James first, and then one little wonder, Gemma Bird, together) were such an awesome part of their celebration, we just ate it all up.

And here we go:

bleubird wedding

wedding family portrait

Aren’t they gorgeous?

vintage bridesmaids dresses

The bride’s entire look came from BHLDN… wedding dress, headpiece, boots, and ceremony dress. She looked smashing. Bridesmaids wore vintage, and the three of them together is almost too much to bear.

texas wedding

texas wedding

Oh little muffin! We want to devour you, Gemma Bird.

bleubird wedding ceremony

James walked down the aisle to Beauty by The Shivers, and they returned as husband and wife to The Ballad of John and Yoko by John Lennon.

Those cute glitter bags they made themselves… a super easy DIY project that definitely makes for a fun recessional.

bleubird wedding

white rose bouquet

James and Aubrey wanted their wedding to be effortless and easy so that they could really focus on the time with their family and close friends. They wanted it to reflect who they are and what they love, and we can probably all agree that this feels like THEM. Even if we don’t know them.

bleubird wedding

bohemian texas wedding

bleubird wedding

It’s epic, don’t you think? So so so many beautiful photos that this is just part one. We’ll be back soon with the reception. It’s just as good as you’re hoping. Promise.

Event design & invites: Ashley Meaders / Photographer: Brooke Schwab / Videographer: Geoff Boothby aka Landshark / Venue: a good friend’s private ranch and recording studio / DJ & Music: The Flashdance / Band: Poor Pilate / Flowers: The Byrd Collective / Bride’s gown, head piece, boots, and reception dress: BHLDN / Groom, groomsmen and ring bearer bow ties: FORAGE / Bridesmaids dresses and head pieces: Vintage. Bridesmaids boots: Modcloth / Flower girl dresses: Tea Princess / Bride and flower girl moccasins: Minnetonka / Frances the pug’s collar: handmade by Ashley Meaders / Invite printing: Baltimore Print Studios / Hair: Brandi Lisenbe of DoorDyeTX / Makeup: Ginny Lee / Gourmet Mobile Wood Fired Pizza Oven: Bola Pizza / Family Style Dinner Catering: Royers / Cakes: DeCapo’s Bakery / Beer & Booze: provided by Lonestar Beer & Titos Vodka / Vintage Place Setting Retal: Lindsey’s Whimsys / Homemade Jam favors: Sqirl / Photobooth: Smilebooth

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Social Love

Josie on Feb 8, 2012

This looks like a photo shoot it's so ridiculously amazing. Can't stop looking at it!

andrea on Feb 8, 2012

incredible! so happy you posted images from their beautiful day. what a sweet family.

Viv on Feb 8, 2012

These photos are so precious! And they look so in love..

Jen @ Bijou Bride on Feb 8, 2012

I can't wait to see part two! There is so much love in these photos! And I love the details and feel of the whole thing.

veggie on Feb 8, 2012

You should please note that the BHLDN dress (and whatever else) was c/o.

Half Orange Photography on Feb 8, 2012

This wedding looks like it was such a good time!

Monica on Feb 8, 2012

Gorgeous photos! Love the BHLDN dress also - what does c/o mean? Is that the style number? It's STUNNING!!

Elaine on Feb 8, 2012

Pretty wedding...exactly how much of it was free? Would appreciate that being disclosed.

cammie on Feb 8, 2012

pug! pug! pug! pug! pug! pug! pug! pug! pug! so cute! and everything else is amazing, too, but...pug!

Marion on Feb 8, 2012

c/o means "care of," as in, the company gave the items to the couple for free. It is my understanding that a lot of things from this wedding were c/o, and I feel like that should be disclosed. It was a beautiful wedding and the couple looks incredibly happy - but it is misleading to present this like it was a totally DIY/affordable affair. Most brides don't have companies offering c/o items in exchange for publicity...

Haley on Feb 8, 2012

Who cares if there were c/o portions to the wedding? Sounds like people are jealous and are just being nosey. Where does it state that this is an affordable/DIY wedding anyway? I think the wedding is stunning. Love it!

veggie on Feb 8, 2012

haley, james mentioned months ago on her blog that BLHDN was giving a free wedding dress... so why is that fact hidden from the actual wedding post. you know, there are FTC rules regarding items given to bloggers, tax implications as well. some of us appreciate transparency. and if you've ever looked at the bbv blog, you would see that everything is painstakingly made to appear vintage / crafted / diy / budget conscious, whether it is or isn't. it's not a stretch for someone to think that the wedding is presented under a similar guise.

Rachel on Feb 8, 2012

I think what was paid for and what was not is important b/c this is billed as a "real wedding". Most people do not get items for their wedding given to them for free. There is nothing wrong with it per se, but I am definitely in agreement that it should be disclosed.

Stevi Savage on Feb 8, 2012

Aubrey and James, this is beautiful! Brooke, you did a wonderful job!

Julianne on Feb 8, 2012

I absolutely love the bride's belt/sash. I've been searching for one just like it. Can anyone tell me where it is from?

Aubrey (Groom) on Feb 8, 2012

Hi guys, Thank you for your kind words and excitement over our wedding photos. It was one of the greatest days of my life and I am so happy that 100 layer cake wanted to be a part of it. After reading some of the comments I wanted to maybe try and help clarify a few things regarding our budget and C/O. 95% of the people involved in our wedding are very dear friends of ours. We are very grateful to have such creative friends in our lives who helped make our wedding as beautiful as it was. BHLDN did not give James her dresses for free, she actually does not own them, they were borrowed. The bridesmaids dresses were bought at various vintage shops around town and their shoes were part of an on going relationship we have with our pals at Modcloth. The ties my groomsmen and I wore were c/o Forage but our suits and other items were paid for. Cakes, paid for. Food paid for. DJ paid for. venue paid for. videographer paid for and so on. Smilebooth.... well I work for them... I stole it. Every person involved worked their butts off and we together created an awesome memory. We paid for our wedding ourselves and it can be achieved by anyone on a budget, maybe not the same exact companies and creatives but it can. I hope this helps clear a few things up. Aubrey. The Groom. (sorry for any typos or mispels... this box is tiny)

lauren on Feb 8, 2012

I would LOVE to know where you found that heart shaped welcome mat... please share!!!!

Aubrey (Groom) on Feb 8, 2012

@lauren ah I wish I knew.... it was just part of the many amazing pieces our friend has at her ranch.

100layercake on Feb 8, 2012

Hello! We are so excited that so many of you love this wedding as much as we do. We've removed the comments that we feel violate the policy listed below. This is not a community meant to criticize the couple who so generously offered to share their day with our readers. And it's none of our business what goods and services were gifted to the bride and groom during their planning process. This wedding was beautiful and inspiring, which is why we chose to show it. Congrats again to James and Aubrey, and fabulous work all you talented wedding pros who contributed!

christina on Feb 8, 2012

WOW. I dont understand why it's ANYONE'S business to have to disclose budgets or how many freebies one got for their wedding. Doesn't everyone get freebies some how? It seems to me brides and grooms will always try and get a deal somewhere along the way in planning a wedding. From not paying for a florist and doing it yourself, or for you getting your wedding dress for free, or getting a discount on your photographer... So what? Humility goes a long way. Maybe they did trades? What if they went thrift store shopping for months collecting random dishes and goblets? It sure looks like that's what they did to me. Life is about relationships and it just seems like Aubrey and James have made amazing relationships in their life: they network well, they are savvy business people who own a very successful blog— and they threw a killer wedding. Seems more like jealously than anything. Anyone can network or propose business deals or "trade"— it's up to YOU to make that happen. Knocking someone down when they put so much thought, love and personal touches into their wedding is not the way to go. Quite frankly, it's rude. Aubrey and James— your wedding photos are amazing. I truly hope these mean comments don't ruin the moment for you.

Emily on Feb 8, 2012

Beautiful blog, beautiful family, beautiful marriage and beautiful pictures!! Congrats to the new couple, I enjoyed looking at these tonight!

Aubrey (Groom) on Feb 8, 2012

@Christina thank you :) Life motto :: haters gonna hate.

Anon on Feb 8, 2012

I do think if you put your wedding out on the internet for all to see, it's reasonable for people to ask about what was given as a gift in exchange for exposure on a blog. Having friends do you favors is different than a company giving you free use of valuable goods in exchange for, essentially, advertising on a blog and other wedding websites. I think the subsequent information from the groom covers this, and I wish this couple all the best, but I don't think asking for a basic level of transparency is being a "hater".

Kelly on Feb 8, 2012

Why do you care...seriously? Will it enrich your blog experience? Will you feel better knowing what was and wasn't a gift? Really and truly? I honestly don't get it. I loved this wedding for the pure beauty and love. That is what it really is all about. Get it? All this 'transparency' talk is nonsense. Miss James and Aubrey...your day looked like a fairy tale and I wish you a happy life together!

Janice - Wedding Invitations on Feb 9, 2012

The wedding pictures are great! It is always great to see a happy couple in photos. You feel the happiness all around.

Jessica on Feb 9, 2012

yay, ya'll! have been waiting at a peek at this wedding since james mentioned on her blog that pictures were coming soon! what a beautiful wedding day. thanks for sharing the pictures and ideas.

jess on Feb 9, 2012

This is such a gorgeous wedding! Every detail is beautiful and the photography that captured it all is absolutely stunning!!! Congratulations Aubrey and James! Thank you for sharing your celebration with us. All the best to you and your darling family!

Amber Nielsen on Feb 9, 2012

This is such a stunning wedding! beautiful couple and family. It looks like one hell of a party. and seriously, who cares what they got for free...last I checked everyone tries to get a bargain when planning a wedding, I know we sure did. I like your moto Aubrey, its true, Haters gon' hate!

Brianne on Feb 10, 2012

I'm trying to find the maternity bridesmaids dress, I looked on mod cloth but they don't sell maternity. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Anna Newell Jones on Feb 10, 2012

Such a gorgeous wedding! Their love really comes throug, and the photographs are A M A Z I NG!

Abby on Feb 10, 2012

Hello! The bride's beautiful ring caught my eye, is it vintage? I'm curious where you found it. Thanks so much!

anne-marie on Feb 12, 2012

So very beautiful. Congrats, James and Aubrey! Cheers to you and your adorable family.

Tim Duncan on Feb 13, 2012

It's sad to see people with so much hate.. when we should be celebrating this couple's beautiful love! This wedding was amazingly beautiful! <3

Frances Joy on Feb 13, 2012

What an amazing wedding!!! Loved every little detail. Where did you guys find the teepee tent? Did that come with the venue or is it rentable? I would truly appreciate some leads to where I can get a hold of one. Thanks in advance!

amy on Feb 14, 2012

If any of you follow James' blog, you will all see that she handcrafted most of what you see in these beautiful photos. Might I add along with being a fulltime mom, teacher to her older children, and plus a lil cutie of a baby. This wedding is AMAZING.

Alexandra on Feb 15, 2012

This wedding is so lovely!!

Jessica on Feb 15, 2012

Such a beautiful wedding. I agree with the comments that this wedding should be featured whether or not items were given for free. As a regular reader of James' blog, I think this is a very creative family and absolutely love that they shared pictures from their wedding. However, I am disturbed by 100layercake's comment that it is none of their business what goods or services were gifted to the bride and groom. The FTC states that free products given from advertisers to endorsers (those who use the products and then endorse the products via their use) must be disclosed (http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2009/10/endortest.shtm). There is nothing wrong with featuring a wedding where the dress or several items were given for free/loaned (and therefore, being advertised), but this should be disclosed.

100layercake on Feb 16, 2012

Hi Jessica, Thanks for your comments. Because we didn't receive any products for free, we are not responsible for disclosure of gifted items and services. Per the link you posted... "...the post of a blogger who receives cash or in-kind payment to review a product is considered an endorsement"... Because we haven't received and never receive any kind of payment for weddings we post, we would not be the ones responsible for disclosing these kind of product giveaways. Thanks for reading! We love this wedding too.

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