Bright and sunny Viceroy, Palm Springs wedding: Michelle + Robin

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If ever there was a wedding to get you excited about the new year, Spring and Summer, it’s this one! It’s casual, clean, chic and the perfect mix of Mid Century Modern and Hollywood Regency. All in the perfect sizzling setting of the Viceroy in Palm Springs. Try to spot one detail in this wedding that’s not white, sunshine yellow or grey, you can’t. From escort cards designed in the shape of the iconic Eames chair and Jonathan Adler sculptures, this wedding was ace. As Michelle states, “no detail is too small!”.

yellow grey palms springs wedding

My dear friend and creative genius, Anna Cowie, offered the ever kind gift of designing our invitation. We had been working together for years so she really understood our style. I decided on the colours and put together a mood board for the theme I wanted create. Anna ran with it, and came back with a design that perfectly reflected our personality. Every detail was thought through… the graphic silhouettes she designed are actually our real profiles. Brilliant!

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

Michelle designed the bridesmaid dresses and her mother made them!

yellow grey palms springs wedding

A groom’s got to have some nice kicks!

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

Here are those Eames chair escort cards we were talking about. We might have to steal that idea for a party…

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

We wanted to spend our wedding budget on the things that really made a difference to the experience for us and our guests.  We focused on ensuring there was great food, brilliant cocktails and a beautiful venue. We did most all of the décor, printing and trimming ourselves with friends and family kindly helping with all of the implementation and placement (really saved the day). I used some of my personal collection of Jonathan Adler sculptures to bring a touch of quirkiness, personality and a warm residential feel to the outdoor environment. 

yellow grey palms springs wedding

How M + R rocked their music:

Music was a very important part of the wedding for us so it was a must to have the talented English DJ Chris spin the tunes for the event. We selected music themes for each portion of the event. For the ceremony we chose some grooves from the 80’s… the wedding party trotted in to “Bittersweet Symphony” by Verve and “It Must Be Love” by Madness. I cheerfully walked down the green grass isle to “She’s the One” by Caribou.  After tying the knot we all exited to “Modern Love”  by David Bowie. For our first dance we chose something a bit upbeat to match our mood, “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” by Queen.

yellow grey palms springs wedding

yellow grey palms springs wedding

There isn’t a better way to experience California living like a wedding in Palm Springs! Congratulations Michelle + Robin!

Photography: Honey Honey Photography / Venue: Viceroy / DJ: Chris Paul/Invitation design: Anna Cowie / Décor: Robin Williams + Michelle Boudreau-Williams / Canvas Prints: Graphic Tech / Brides Attire: Oscar De La Renta Bridal / Bridesmaid dresses: Julie Boudreau (brides mother) / Grooms suit: Barneys New York / Shoes: Converse /Bow Ties + Pocket squares: Spoonflower

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Social Love

Meaghan on Jan 6, 2012

I love these colors! The groom's shoes are just spectacular.

lauren a mcclend on Jan 6, 2012

pretty stuff, but man.. those bridesmaids dresses are for the books.

Katie on Jan 6, 2012

I feel so bad for the bridesmaids - those have to be the most unflattering dresses in the history of ever.

Anne on Jan 6, 2012

She must not like her bridesmaids very much....

erin on Jan 6, 2012

pretty! where are those flower cones from?

100layercake on Jan 6, 2012

Katie and Anne, we realize it's your opinion to dislike these dresses but please be considerate of the fact that Michelle (the bride) designed and made them. They may not be your taste, but they fit the vibe she was trying to achieve.

Katie on Jan 6, 2012

I feel so badly now! I posted that before I realized that the bride designed them herself. They may not be my taste at all, but major props to the bride for her creativity - and yes, they really do fit the vibe of the wedding. My apologies for the rude comment.

Erin on Jan 6, 2012

Man, I appreciate that the bride must have put a lot of time and effort into making those bridesmaid dresses, but they are just unfortunate.

Terri on Jan 6, 2012

What a fun wedding! I love yellow and always enjoy seeing it used as a wedding color.

J on Jan 6, 2012

Where are those awesome gray + wood bridesmaid shoes from?! (3rd set of pics, 2nd row)

Elizabeth@La Fleur Vintage on Jan 6, 2012

We were just talking Yellow today and then I stubbled upon this sweet and very fun post. Thank you for the great inspiration. The brides embellishments are just wonderful.

Tanja on Jan 7, 2012

Oh yes a short dress, and what a beauty! More short dresses please, I love the long too but for a more laid back party maybe early in the day short dresses are magical! Love your lovely blog. XO

Belle The Magazine on Jan 7, 2012

Not a big fan of yellow, but this wedding may just be the t to trick to change my mind. What a beauty!

Bryan on Jan 8, 2012

wow, that yellow 'pops' love the converse i'll have to check the custom options out

Christine of Louisville Wedding Blog on Jan 8, 2012

Love the idea of the chair escort cards! I gotta have some of those for my party!

Gawwy on Jan 8, 2012

thanks for this post, you gave us good ideas I will recommend this to my friends.

Tim Duncan on Jan 8, 2012

The bride looked stunning in her wedding attire - beautiful headpiece, gorgeous necklace, and that BEAUTIFUL dress! I love it!! And I do really love a yellow theme - everything's so bright and stands out! :)

lexi on Jan 8, 2012

Now those are some fabulous party dresses! Love the bride's dress and those fantastic yellow bridesmaids dresses! xx Lexi FASHION: Glitter & Pearls WEDDINGS: Glitter Weddings

charmingbrides on Jan 8, 2012

One can pay with color in planning spring wedding ceremony as all the colors look good in spring with sunny days,one can really experimenting with lots of colors in them. ukrainian brides

Caitlin B on Jan 9, 2012

That one picture of the bridesmaid opening the Veuve looks straight out of the 60s! Love it. Beautiful wedding. Perfect mix of polish and personality!

Sher on Jan 10, 2012

I also can appreciate that the bride designed and made the dresses herself, but that doesn't make them look any better. They might be flattering on some plucky 2 year olds, but they look completely ridiculous on grown women.

Randy on Jan 15, 2012

Michelle - your wedding looked stunning, just like you! It must have been magical. I loved every picture - here's to your & Robin's happily ever after!

Isabel on Jan 15, 2012

First off, this wedding is stunning and feels so 60s chic - exactly what the bride was going for. She nailed the vibe! It was refreshing to see a wedding where the theme played throughout - not only in the details, but the fashion as well. Second, ladies commenting ridiculously rude on someone else's wedding - come on. Obviously this style of those dresses isn't sitting well most of you, but try and understand that this is a different style. If you're not into vintage fashion you don't have to hate on someone else because they are (and understand how to pull it off). In case you're not familiar with the 60s style she was inspired from - a little lesson from miss Twiggy:

Miranda on Jan 16, 2012

Yes but sorry only how many percent of women are twiggy size? It's a little sad to me. Other than that the wedding is incredible love love love the yellow!!! What a pretty wedding!

vanessa on Jan 17, 2012

i don't normally comment on these wedding blogs...but deary me...the bridemaid dresses..although perfectly matched to the decor...the shape does nothing for them girls

vanessa on Jan 17, 2012

isabel, although i completely agree she did 'nail the vibe' , it would definately cross my mind that those dresses are very difficult to pull off and therefore maybe think that my bridesmaids would feel frumpy, huge and uncomfortable in the dress and maybe wouldn't want to say so, as they would be being so nice and friendly to me because i was getting married. therefore, because i put the feelings of my friends before an event, i would change the dresses so that they were more flattering...these weren't the only dresses people wore in the 60's.

Macy on Jan 17, 2012

I'm obsessed with the bride's dress! What is it?

Pat on Jan 22, 2012

Love the ceramic whippets with table numbers. What is the source?

Lauren O'Neill on Jan 26, 2012

Oh my goodness, I just saw this! Ah, loving all the bright + modern details and the Jonathan Adler accents. Perfection on every level!

Velda on Feb 1, 2012

Love everything about her wedding. The colors are simply beautiful and all the dresses are outstanding. Big hand clap to the bride for her creativity and boldness. In fact her colors are my daughters colors for a wedding in July of this year. Congrats for pulling it all together and and pulling it off so well.

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