Arizona rock ‘n’ roll wedding: Megan + Derek

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This wedding was so Megan and so Derek. Traditional, spunky, creative with some rock ‘n’ roll flare. If you’ve ever wondered how brides do it in Arizona, know this: it all starts with the venue. It can be surrounded by desert mountains, cacti or a golf course. A golf course? Yes! Arizona, Scottsdale to be exact, knows how to stun us with this one of a kind retreat that could easily be mistaken for a French chateau that’s been placed it right in between picturesque canyons. The photos, captured by Radiant Photography by the Chansons have us hoping to hear from more stunning Arizona brides!

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

We’re admiring the bridesmaids dresses for sure, but take a look at those bouquets! Did you notice they each have a touch of “their color” ?

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

I previously worked for a children’s magazine and have always loved illustrations, so we knew that we had to find an illustrator for our invitations. I saw Ello There‘s work and fell in love. They weren’t accepting custom orders when the time came so I e-mailed them and asked if they would change minor details (i.e. take out trees and add cactus, take out blue sky and add night and stars). To spruce them up but save some dough, I ordered the paper through Definitely Debra and had an assembly day at my house. 

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

If you’re heavily into music like these two are and want a fun way to incorporate that into your decor, you can go this route. Megan used the sleeves to 45’s, folded them over (creating a pendant) and strung them on black and white baker’s twine from The Twinery for $14.

arizona rock n roll wedding

We have very special family members that have passed away and we had to have them with us. We collected images of them from family members, made them black and white and got vintage frames for each of them (all under $5 each). Derek sprayed them in each of the “colors” of the wedding and Ara hung them from an awesome tree as a “family tree.” She also added lanterns by each one with a candle to give them light and to represent their spirit.

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

arizona rock n roll wedding

Instead of exhausting family members with wedding tasks, M + D decided to put aside some of their budget to hire an event designer. Ara of Rock Paper Scissors Events helped flush out their ideas and implemented the look and feel the day of, leaving the new Mr. and Mrs. without a worry in their mind. It shows – these two look happy as can be.

Congrats Megan + Derek!

Photography: Breanna and Scottie Chanson of Radiant Photography / Venue: The Silverleaf Club / Illustrator: Ello There / Paper+Print: Definitely Debra / Designer: Ara Farnam of Rock Paper Scissors Events / Florist: The floral experts at Flora Bella / DJ: Mister P Body / Pastor: Tim Jacobs / Ceremony+ Happy Hour Musicians: Sam + Anthony Lowy

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Social Love

Cristina on Dec 13, 2011

Oh my goodness! LOVE the bridesmaids dresses and colour scheme, and the theme in general. Just in total love with this wedding!!! Although I think I'm most fond of that last picture, with the lights all tangled around the two, very creative.

Molly Legut on Dec 13, 2011

The reception in this wedding is so beautiful. Seems like they are in a castle or something. Very beautiful, thank you so much for posting.

Teresa Dahl on Dec 13, 2011

Love the Rock and Roll style wedding! The pictures look so vibrant and colorful.

Cheri (Woodsy Weddings) on Dec 13, 2011

Holy moly - so many things to love about this wedding! The color coordinated bouquets, the custom stationery, the record very fun!

Rock Paper Scissors Events on Dec 13, 2011

Megan and Derek were seriously a dream couple to work with. As you can tell by the pics, they have TONS of personality and creativity. Thanks for posting this awesome wedding! xo, Ara

Radiant Photography by the Chansons on Dec 13, 2011

I have to say this was an incredibly easy wedding to photograph! The combination of the couple's ideas combined with Ara's from Rock Paper Scissors Events made this a dream come true for us photographers! You can't beat a crazy fun couple who's ridiculously in love, unbelievably creative decor, and a stunning venue! We had a blast and hardly felt like we were "working" at all! This kind of wedding is what makes us really love what we do! Thanks for sharing it with others... I think it's worthy of the attention! :-) Much love, Breanna

Melissa on Dec 13, 2011

I love the use of color! What a fun couple!!! Absolutely love the wagon with "here she comes" how sweet!!!! And the ballon fingerprint guestbook! Ok I could go on and on! Wow thanks for sharing these pics!!!

Erin Oveis Brant on Dec 13, 2011

I'm such a fan of Radiant Photography's work so it's great to see them featured here!! This wedding in particular just blew me away. I love all the colorful details and I think Scottie and Breanna captured the day beautifully!

Debbie, Definitely Debra on Dec 13, 2011

Megan is definitely " one cool bride". So fun and creative. Such a pleasure to work with. She is spicey, spunky, creative and thinks "way way outside of the box.". I mean way! Loved her and all of her fabulous ideas. Such a pleasure. Debbie.

Mrs.Pearson on Dec 13, 2011

Thank you 100 Layer Cake for the feature. Viewers, your comments are so sweet. If you are a soon-to-be (bride, groom, MOB, MOH), enjoy the adventure and be kind to all your vendors. As you can see, every single person who put this together made the day so incredibly memorable! Also, make sure you have fabulous wedding guests. They make the party too ;)

Kris on Dec 13, 2011

Super cute wedding! I love the bridesmaids dresses, all different colors. And that ceremeony backdrop is stunning! Thanks for sharing!

Koru Kate {Koru Wedding} on Dec 13, 2011

I adore every last detail, especially the bright colors of the bridesmaid dresses with the coordinating bouquets!!!

Fawn {Happy Wives Club} on Dec 13, 2011

Love, love love this! The attention to detail in this wedding was amazing. Loved the multi-colored dresses and the menu on the record disk. Priceless.

Linda on Dec 14, 2011

Beautiful wedding! Is is permissible to ask the wedding ring designer? It's fabulous and's like medieval meets vintage meets rockstar! I loved it.

Sami on Dec 14, 2011

That wedding looks phenomenal. So much fun and yet heartwarming. Gorgeous but whimsical. I love it.

Mrs.Pearson on Dec 14, 2011

Linda, Thanks so much! You'll probably not believe me, but my husband had everything to do with the ring. He has a great friend who is a ring designer, and he got to pick every diamond out and draw up the design of the ring. They have impeccable service and always a fair price. His name is Travis Uptain, and is part of the Christopher Diamonds family. You can find them at (480-792-1161).

s&p wedding freaks on Dec 15, 2011

love the all the dresses and every thing !

jenn on Dec 16, 2011

Love Megan's dress, think its stunning, is it possible to tell me who designed it?

Mrs.Pearson on Dec 18, 2011

Hey Jenn, I wore an Amsale dress called Naomi. Check out and see if you can locate a store by you that carries her line.

Elena on Dec 27, 2011

This is stunnig, I love it. I'm getting married on March and in my country it is cold by tha date. Is it possible to tell me where did you buy your fantastic white coat? It si simply but amazing. Thank you very much!!!

Alix on Dec 29, 2011

So much inspiration to be taken from this fabulous wedding! But the greatest photot is the last with the fairy lights tangled round the happy couple! Congratulations guys! Looks just beautiful

Tim Duncan on Jan 3, 2012

So in love with all the different colors of the bridesmaids dresses and bouquets! And that last picture of the bride and groom tangled in the lights is so precious! :)

Mrs.Pearson on Jan 3, 2012

Hi Elena, Contact and ask for Sergio. Shoot him an e-mail with the picture and he'll know exactly what you're looking for. Congrats on your engagement!

Elena on Jan 9, 2012

Thank you very much for your help, Megan

adsf on Jan 9, 2012

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Carmen Salazar Photography on Feb 1, 2012

Adorable details! Love all the musical twists!

Victoria on Mar 4, 2012

Can anyone tell me what the bridesmaids colors are called? I want something similar at my wedding and I'm looking for swatches to help my maids shop but I just can't find the right colors!

chris venue on Jun 25, 2013

I truly enjoy browsing through this web site , it has got great information .

Wedding Invitations Brisbane on Feb 15, 2014

I like the ring very much! You're lucky to have a friend who can design such lovely rings! Thanks for sharing your wonderful photo.

Stefany on Mar 5, 2014

I love Sparklight!

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