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Cozy chic Utah wedding: Lindsey + Alex

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A dapper gentleman marries a blue-eyed beauty on a rooftop parking lot terrace amidst s’mores and a Utah skyline and later describes his new bride to be “better than Christmas!”. That’s the byline that would be written if Lindsey + Alex’s wedding were a short film. These two melt our hearts because of how obviously enamored they are with one another. Alex even chimed in to share a few words about his bride. We’ll share that cuteness later. For now we give you full range to swoon over the beautifully romantic photos shot by Alixann Loosle.

cozy chic wedding

cozy chic wedding

cozy chic wedding

What he said about her: She is better than Christmas! She is a charismatic, funny, outgoing person. I think she’s gorgeous. She loves talking…to everyone. She’s great at making me better.

cozy chic wedding

cozy chic wedding

What she said about him: Well, there are two of him. Alex is a twin. He is an aggressive rollerblader, which is so fun to watch him do. He loves looking sharp, and is especially in love with denim. He’s also hilarious…no one makes me laugh harder. At the same time, he has the kindest heart of anyone I know.

cozy chic wedding

cozy chic wedding

cozy chic wedding

I had budgeted $1k for the reception venue in my hometown of Provo, Utah. However, as I started to search for a venue, nothing was sticking out to me. One day I woke up and thought to myself, “this needs to happen on a rooftop.” I searched high and low for an adequate rooftop, but couldn’t find anything. That’s when I remembered the summer concert series that were held on a Parking Terrace rooftop in downtown Provo and– I was sold. The owners of the parking terrace were so taken aback that I wanted to have my wedding reception there, that they offered it to me for only $200!  It was a big savings, but it was the most perfect venue with so much potential.

cozy chic wedding

For the sign in/guestbook, Lindsey ordered white puzzle pieces from eBay, and had each person sign a piece. Soon enough, she’s going to put the puzzle pieces together and frame it!

cozy chic wedding

I didn’t hire anyone for catering, instead I created a s’mores and hot chocolate bar for around $300. It was a great, interactive alternative that turned out so fun. My Dad helped to create two rectangular troughs that we filled with river rocks and sterno cans that were used to roast the marshmallows for smores! Another project fun DIY project we did were those giant letters. I wanted large initials and an ampersand sign to put the presents around, so I bought the wood for $30, cut out the letters with a borrowed saw, and painted them with a free gallon of gray paint.  They were perfect!

cozy chic wedding

Who would have thought a parking lot terrace could be transformed to the perfect wedding venue? We love it!

Congratulations Lindsey + Alex!

Photography: Alixann Loosle Photography / Venue: Provo Towne SquareParking Terrace / Wedding planner + florist: Holly Fowler / Rentals: Diamond Rentals /Bride’s dress: Alta Moda Bridal / Shoes: Nordstrom / Groom’s suit: Perfectly Suited by Garth /Rings: custom designed by a private jeweler in Logan, Utah / Bracelet: bride’s grandmother’s / Earrings: thrift store find $2!

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  1. That cake is perfect. I can’t believe they were able to make their wedding so beautiful on that budget! A great inspiration.

  2. Love the s’mores bar! Such a cool idea, especially for chilly winter weddings!

  3. As a resident of Provo, I am blown away with this reception! I’ve been to a few of the rooftop concerts, so I can see how the rooftop would make for a great space. Really lovely!

  4. What a lovely wedding cake. I love the color peach, but it seems to be seldom used in weddings. Who would think of a rooftop, but it was perfect! I love the creativity of young couples.

  5. Lindsay is an old friend of mine and I have always loved her style. Love her wedding. Love her. So happy she shared!

  6. anyone have lead on those shoes other than just “nordstroms?” super cute.

  7. Beautiful wedding in a beautiful spot. Kudos to the photographer who is an artist at capturing the style elements of the wedding.

  8. one of my favorites. BEAUTIFUL!

  9. These photos are stunning… the couple is pretty easy on the eyes as well:)

  10. Love every little thing. But my favorites are the attire and the cake!

  11. I love that the bride and bridesmaids all have bouquets with different flowers but they all look so well together! Very pretty wedding.

  12. The cake is so whimsical and fun!

  13. rooftop parking lot?! genius!

  14. I love the romantic subtly of all of these colors working together!

  15. The soft peach color palette is beautiful! Love the idea of the puzzle piece sign in, and the roof top transformation…$200 wow! The bouquet wrap on the bride’s bouquet is lovely!

  16. those bridesmaid posys are just about the sweetest thing i’ve ever seen!

  17. LOVE this wedding and all of the ideas. We make jigsaw puzzles and have produced MANY Guest Books for weddings in either plain white or by using a photo of the couple for the guests to sign the back. It’s so fun and very interactive for the guests. Great idea and what a wonderful wedding…
    The Missing Piece Puzzle Company

  18. i am looking doing a wedding near provo this summer and love that cake… any details about it that could help me out?

  19. Seriously love this idea. And on a rooftop? Why didn’t I think of that?

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