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We have them, Cakelets! For those of you who entered the Rad + In Love giveaway a few weeks ago, here’s how it all went down.

From Jamie and Michelle:

“It turns out when you make an open call and ask people to tell you all about themselves and the vision for their wedding, you (if you are anything like us) are going to just die over each and every email of heart pouring goodness, and will want to shoot every last one of them. And also be their best friends. But, you just can’t.

What you can do; if you are just a little bit crazy (like we are), and if you just can’t choose (as we could not), is decide to shoot not oneĀ but three free weddings.

With that we give you:

Everyone who entered, you are all an amazing group, thank you so much. To make our thanks corporeal (and because we are not lying when we say we want to shoot every last one of your weddings) we would be glad to offer each of you a deep discount. Just shoot us an email if you are interested.

100 LC? Thanks for having us. Your readers kick ass. We hope to report back with some amazing wedding goodness for you.

Now, we have some weddings to shoot! XO Jamie & Michelle.”

See how nicely things turn out? Congrats to the winners and to Jamie and Michelle for getting started with some amazing couples!

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Social Love

Natasha Raven on Oct 25, 2011

I know couple #2 and they could not be more deserving! So excited! yay! :D

east side bride on Oct 25, 2011


east side bride on Oct 25, 2011

rly i want all of em, but i guess i'll have to fight 100LC

100layercake on Oct 26, 2011

@esb We'll see who comes out victorious. Muuuhaaahaahaa.

celia on Oct 26, 2011

these are the luckiest couples ever.

Corinne Krogh on Nov 2, 2011

I second Celia. So excited to see what you ladies capture! I don't know if I could ever choose just one!

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