29 Aug

Anthropologie style wedding at Terrain: Mindy + Mark

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Adorable couple alert! Puppies, The Seattle Mariners, reading in the sunshine and baking tasty treats makes Mindy one happy lady. Quantum physics, America’s Funniest Home Videos, lacrosse, and making fresh pasta tickle Mark’s fancy. Together, they’re known for throwing great dinner parties, so for them, this wedding was going to be the biggest, best dinner party they had ever thrown, with a homespun but classy flavor to it. There are so many details, colors, and textures to love about this wedding that made us feel like we were flipping the pages of an Anthropologie catalog – swoontastic!

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

We love this idea: Prior to the wedding, both Mindy and her mother-in-law took a bouquet-making workshop to teach them to make the pretty bouquets and floral arrangements you see in these photos. Talk about a fun bonding activity (with a pretty pay off)!

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

How awesome is it that Mark wanted to share his favorite part of their day?

Prior to the wedding we decided to write each other letters before heading to the ceremony. The moment of sitting there reading her letter and becoming emotional, even though I’m not one to show my emotions usually, was special. I was sitting with my groomsmen and yet remember feeling entirely engrossed by her perfect words, not aware of anything around me. I then went to the ceremony to wait for her so we could do a “first look.” Mindy was late, because she read my letter and also become emotional enough to cry off her makeup. Her tardiness I think just made it even more dramatic as I waited as patiently as possible. I felt like a kid on Christmas morning forced to sleep past 6am, when the photographer kept saying “don’t turn around yet.” Finally I did and was blown away. The letter before overwhelmed me, but this moment was beyond words. Truly perfect and will always be cherished.”

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

Turns out one of their favorite DIY projects (and one of ours too!) was quite the headache. Doesn’t it always come out that way?

We wanted to print our programs on paper bags to be filled with special BBQ popcorn that Chef Rudolf would put in for our guests. However, little did we know that printing on paper bags would be more difficult than printing on cloth! We had to try several printers and ended up feeding them through one-by-one on one of the oldest ink jet printers we tried, but we finally did it—after hours of attempts…

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

How about a little toast in the middle of your ceremony?

Our lovely officiant, David, asked if our friends and family would support us through this next journey. This was a time at which he had instructed them all to holler loudly and hoot “We do!” so they gladly followed suit, toasting with raspberry champagne as they did.

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

Our favors: Since we love cooking and food so much, we decided to make a rosemary salt and an orange sugar—we thought it would be cute to have a sweet and salty pair. We blended fresh rosemary with sea salt and then clementine peel with sugar, leaving more peel in with sugar to infuse it for weeks. We packaged it with a small, twine-wrapped card stock tag with our logo, handmade plaid pattern, and a short thank-you message.

As for the table numbers, my father-in-law, Bill, an amazing woodworker cut, shaved down and shined the wood we used for holding the numbers. I used a Cricut machine to cut out numbers in card stock and placed them inside the wood.

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

anthropologie style wedding at stylers terrain

And, because there’s more pretty to go around, we must share their wedding video! Catch a glimpse of Mindy in her traditional red Chinese qipao during their tea ceremony + cocktail hour.

Congrats Mindy + Mark!

Photography: SWOONOVERIT Photography / Videographer: Monachetti /Venue: Terrain at Styer’s / Catering: Chef Keith Rudolph, Café at Terrain at Styer’s / Day of Coordinator: Danielle Pasternak / Event Coordinator at Terrain at Styer’s: Elizabeth Clark / Officiant: Dr. David Long (close friend) / DJ: Darrel Asbury, No Macarena / Florals: Shelley, mother of groom, with flowers purchased from both wholesale and a local flower farm Lilies and Lavender / Hair and Makeup: Studio Teknik / Cake: Jordan, Velvet Sky Bakery / Bride’s dress: Lea Ann Belter / Shoes: Caparros from DSW / Jewelry: Earrings from Macy’s / Veil: Etsy – Simplebeautyveils / Groom’s suit: Jos. A Banks / Ties for groom and groomsmens: Etsy – Toybreaker / Bridesmaids’ dresses: Individually purchased

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  1. oh my gosh – i love the hug/leap in the first look!! so cute!

  2. Totally got chills looking at this. Such an inspiring location and such a sweet couple! Makes me wish I could re-do my wedding…and I just got married 3 months ago! lol Love the indoor seating the way it was set up! so pretty!

  3. I big sparkly pink heart adore this wedding. You can just feel the love this couple has for each other by looking at the photos. And the program idea is the best idea I have heard to date. so awesome and thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks so much for the video feature guys! Fantastic feature!

  5. A most gorgeous wedding ever!

  6. love all of the anthro-y details – they are just the cutest!

  7. Love all the cute little details on this wedding. The DIY ideas are great, and the couple is very sweet!

  8. This is phenomenal! Love every beautiful details & image! The location is so beautiful as well. An amazing collaborative effort with the vendors, not to mention the adorable couple!

  9. Thank you so much for the shout out! This was an amazing wedding to be a part of and Mindy and Mark were an absolute pleasure to work with. These two are even more wonderful in person.

  10. Very lovely ceremony and details! And as usual, absolutely stunning photos by Amanda at SWOONOVERIT Photography!

  11. Does anyone know where the bride go those adorable heart stickers for her shoes? I’d like to do something similar for my engagement shoot.

  12. i LOVE their first look pictures! What a great reaction! Great work!!

  13. I have never felt compelled to write a comment before, but this is the most beautiful, spot on perfect wedding I have even had the pleasure to view. I can’t imagine how beautiful it was in person. Congrats, wow!

  14. Love the love! Beatiful details, and all captured beautifully!

  15. Can’t seem to get enough of this beautiful wedding as well as the loving couple!!! It was such a pleasure to be a part of that wonderful day and we are thankful to have Mindy and Mark as friends. Their loving, warm-hearted style and sophisticated class truly reflect who they are as great people.

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