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Love this shot from Rachel‘s downtown LA engagement sesh by Melissa from Fresh In Love. Isn’t it so sweet and natural-looking?

We cannot wait for her upcoming wedding. Tis going to be such a treat to see what she comes up with!

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Social Love

Chelsea on Aug 5, 2011

Such a sweet picture. I am trying to get organized and do some engagement pics...Every time I see a pic like this, I move it to the top of my To Do list. xoxo

Michelle on Aug 5, 2011

So cute! I can't wait to see the final product...after all the little glimpses she's posted!

HiLLjO on Aug 5, 2011

Glorrrrrious. And adorable.

Rachel (heart of light) on Aug 5, 2011

Awwww ... you guys are the sweetest. I only wish I had more to share with you before the wedding. Sadly, I am WAY BEHIND on everything, including my normal life. But there will be stuff afterwards, promise.

Ridgely's Radar on Aug 7, 2011

What a great photo! So cute!

Jerrod Nordstrom on Jun 11, 2013

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