3 Aug

Rustic handmade wedding in Colorado: Jess + TJ

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Let’s pretend there’s a drumroll happening right about now and a guy with a megaphone announcing: “And, now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for…Jess + TJ’s wedding!”. It’s been a magical couple of days that have now led us to their incredible ceremony + reception. As you’d imagine after looking at their hoedown and rehearsal dinner, the main event of their weekend-long festivities was nothing less than breathtaking. We’re so excited to share this bundle of inspiration with y’all!

Rustic Colorado wedding

Sorry, we’re going to have to bite our tongue on sharing too many words about Jess’s to-die-for dress because it honestly needs its own dedicated post. We’re not lying. Come back tomorrow to hear how creating her own dress and working with Suzanne at Atelier des Modiste was one of Jess’s favorite parts about the whole wedding planning process!

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

The groomsmen got to pick out what they wanted to wear the day of, while TJ and I picked out some super fun vintage bow ties on Etsy from xoelle. I thought learning to tie their first bow tie with the instructions was pretty fun (especially for his younger brothers).

Rustic Colorado wedding

For the ceremony Jess made these glassine packets of rice (well heart shaped, bird safe, candy confetti rice really). Later today we’ll be featuring Jess’s step-by-step tutorial on these colorful little bags o’ fun, so keep an eye out!

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Far and away my favorite DIY of the entire wedding was our quilt. As a part of our response card we asked for guests to send a piece of fabric. To my surprise nearly everyone did (people sent everything from shirts, to baby blankets, to jeans and just random fabric). I pieced together the quilt and then a local quilter did the heart embroidery on top and finished it off.

Rustic Colorado wedding

It rained for about 1/2 of the ceremony, and at the very end when we were exchanging rings and saying I do, the sun popped out and hooked us up with a double rainbow- which was amazing!

Rustic handmade wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

This “Room 4 Dessert” sign was super simple to make. I cut the burlap, spray painted the letters on via stencil, added some glitter, and sewed a string up top to hang.

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

That installation of suspended watering cans filled with flowers, created by Sweet Pea Flowers & Pink Monkey Solutions is incredible, right?

Around the lounge area we made a pseudo wall to bring the space in (that barn was HUGE) by hanging 3 old doors that I had bought for a few bucks at the resource yard and distressed. I then broke the glass/screen part of the top, tied some string across and clothes-pinned photos of friends and family for guests to take a look at while they were grabbing a drink.

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Recognize that colorful quilt? That’s the same quilt they used during their ceremony! We love how they used that as their photobooth backdrop!

Rustic Colorado wedding

Rustic Colorado wedding

Jess + TJ, you knocked it out of the park and across the lake! Congratulations on your fantabulous wedding! If you can believe it, there’s still a tad more to share. Come back tomorrow for a detailed account (plus real-life sketches) on Jess’s stunning dress!

Photography: Gia Canali Photography / Venue: C Lazy U Ranch / Wedding Planner: Stacy McCain Event Planning / Event Designer: Duet Events (Jess’s own wedding design company) / Florist: Lisa Anderson of Sweet Pea Flowers / DJ: Smiles Davis / Catering: C Lazy U Ranch / Dessert: Tee and Cakes / Lighting: Pink Monkey Solutions / Invitations & paper items: Keegan Meegan Press

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  1. This wedding has so many beautiful elements! Congratulations!

  2. This is amazing. The picture at the ceremony where the rainbow is in the background… Could you imagine how special that was. WOW!

  3. Amazing. One of my favorite wedding posts to date! So many wonderful details!

  4. as beautiful as this wedding looks, I guess it cost a beautiful pile of money.
    In our world there are so many problems and poor people that I think one should not dishonour these by throwing a wedding that could provide families with a lifetime salary!

  5. Umm, this is like my favorite wedding this year!

  6. Thank you Nora for your comment. Jess did a lot of DIY projects with family and friends to offset the cost. This was a big weekend filled with lots of love. We appreciate everything she and her family put into this event to make it so memorable.

  7. Great pics!


  8. TJ is my cousin :) The hole wedding looks so pretty and the photos are to die for!! I wish them so much happiness!!

  9. this summer rain seems to be the best weather for a wedding! Everyone looks so happy and the pics amazing! :)

  10. This whole wedding is eye candy – I love the chic couch lounge concept juxtaposed with the very rustic plaid cushions, so fun!

  11. Such a stunning day! & PERFECT timing for that rainbow! Beautiful photography.

  12. Loved your post on Rustic Wedding. Our ranch host weddings in a horse arena that we used to host horse shows and ropings. We have turned our entire ranch into a Wedding Ranch. We are having a great time. Looking forward in reading future post. If you have a few minutes we also have a blog called venuesandbrides.com Smiles, Roxie

  13. All I can say is WOW – this wedding is above and beyond amazing, one of my favorites in a long time. As someone who also had 3 days of wedding festivities, I know how much work goes into planning it. This looks like it was an immense amount of work, but everything is so thoughtful, so simple, so elegant and inviting. Can’t wait to see more tomorrow.

  14. that quilt idea is so sweet and charming. love it!

  15. SERIOUSLY??? Who is lucky enough to get a DOUBLE RAINBOW durning their wedding ceremony!!!

  16. Oh I love this! As a Colorado girl, I am definitely filing this away as inspiration for my wedding one day!

    Thanks for sharing!


  17. This wedding is REAL?!?! TOO AMAZING!

  18. wowza! fabulous details!!!

  19. WOWWWWWWW!! One of my all time favourite weddings, ever! Her dress is completely amazing – can’t wait to see the post on that! And how lucky where they with the timing of that rainbow?! Everything about this wedding is totally swoon worthy!

  20. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for all of the totally great comments all week long! We were so lucky to work with such amazing folks who helped us make this day total perfection! Hope everyone gets inspired to add lots of fun DIY elements to their wedding!!!

    Jess (the bride :)

  21. One of my most favorite weddings! And I can’t get over the stunning rainbow during the ceremony.

  22. lovely wedding! we too had rain on our wedding day (7-3-11) but I think it adds such a cute touch to the photos! congrats!

  23. I am definitely inspired, this is beautiful! What a high standard to set. Please can you sell me the heart and arrow pleeeeease, I’m in love : ) xoxo

  24. Obsessed with the “Loved you yesterday” sign. Would love to get one like that – could I get the info or was that DIY?

  25. What if you can’t make it? Well, we have a set up so that you can donate to the Pinnacle Mountain State Park trail fund.cheap north face. Make the check out to Pinnacle Mountain State Park and make sure you note in the memo line that it is for the mountain bike trails. This will help us buy materials to build bridges, signs and trail head bulletin boards. See the park staff at the visitor center for details.

  26. Wow, incredible! This looks like so much fun, and so gorgeous. I love all the rustic details. What a gorgeous couple!

  27. Ah, this wedding is just beautiful. It exudes a sweetness and love that is so charming. The style is beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing it.

  28. Gorgeous photographs, I love the one where the bride is with her horse

  29. Hi there, your wedding was STUNNING!

    Wondering where you had the sign made that has your wedding date and the quote , “Loved You Yesterday, Love You Today, Always Have, Always Will”. I ADORE it and would love to have that at my wedding this November. Thank you!

  30. what a great wedding theme. Nice job!

  31. OMG, this is STUNNING! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hanging watering cans filled with flowers (above the DJ). So creative! Love all the personal details! Just beautiful!

  32. I just want to know how the quilt fit into the ceremony. Can you tell me please?

  33. Where was this wedding at? I love the location and I am having a hard time finding what I like and I love this one.

  34. Everything is so beautiful! I hate to be a dress stealer…but who made this gorgeous number?!

  35. I LOVE everything about this wedding! I was wondering how the bride and groom went about collecting the fabric from their guests for the quilt. How did they reimburse the guests for their shipping and and handling fees?

  36. I love everything about this. If only I could go back and do it all over again. Now, I just get to live vicariously through my clients….

  37. Love this wedding! I am also looking to have a “barn wedding” in Colorado would you mind telling me what location this couple used?


  38. What a great place! Love it! I make Wedding Card Birdhouses and Barns! Love to make this one!

  39. where is this gorgeous venue?

  40. Is there a “how to” for the quilt? It’s sooooo cute

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